Properties That Availed Custom Services From Us

It is an inevitable fact that most management software need accurate and careful setup. And on most occasions, the users benefit from enhancements and customization that are tailored as per their needs. At eZee, we acknowledge the timely needs of our varied users and frequently implement those requests which satisfy all their requirements. The level of customization may depend on factors like product features and sustainability of the project. However, the end goal remains the same- to render a logical and consistent framework.

We are open to develop custom invoices, receipts, multiple currency payment option, vouchers, GRC templates as per property's request. We even adhere to statutory requirements and governing law modifications. Time and again, we have done it for our users and intend to continue with the same, in turn ensuring a smoother adaptation process.

Why our customization process is so smooth?

Once the customer makes a request, it goes to the Support team. This is followed by creation of a ticket which will be received by the QA team. Next, the QA team will assign the request to product manager of the corresponding product. After checking the feasibility of the request, an estimate time of action is shared with the QA team, which in turn is updated to the Support team. The user is notified regarding the time-frame and payment options. Once he agrees to it, QA team updates it to the ticket manager and finally a new release is brought into place.

Here is a rundown of customization done by Team eZee for various products:


eZee FrontDesk - On-premise Hotel Management Software

  • GST for users in Malaysia
  • This requirement came up when the Malaysian government changed the tax related policies. So, when they applied the GST (Goods & Service Tax) across the whole country, we implemented the needful changes in our desktop PMS and got certified from the authorized body of Malaysian government. This update helped us getting our software integrated with the local accounting software of Malaysia.

  • BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) for Philippines Country
  • Introduced by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) of Philippines, the BIR accreditation is the law to give discount and certain tax related changes for senior citizens, army personnels as well as localites. We customized our desktop PMS in line with this announcement and got it certified from the authorized body in Philippines.

  • Foreign Currency Folios for business sources
  • In tourist destination countries like Sri Lanka, occasionally you may need to accept multiple currencies of different countries. Therefore, to walk in pace with our competitors in that region, we developed a customization in eZee FrontDesk to create foreign currency folios for business sources.

  • Shomoos Integration of Saudi Arabia
  • QTA (Qatar Tourism Authority) Integration For Qatar
  • ROP (Royal Oman Police) Integration for Oman
  • Some tax-related changes for Bhutan

eZee BurrP! - Restaurant Point of Sale Software

  • Customized Call Center
  • With an aim to meet the requirements of a restaurant, eZee Call Center will help one to efficiently manage home deliveries and take away to accept orders on the phone and pass it directly to the POS software. As a result, no orders will be missed in the POS and it will be updated with each order that comes.

  • Package Label Printing
  • Primarily used for Delivery box for a restaurant, we received a customization request to develop a Package Label Printing for a particular restaurant. In this feature, you can design your own label template from the system, thus allowing you to print custom-built design on the delivery boxes while making a delivery.

  • Asterisk IP Phone
  • A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) device, through which the system will automatically read the phone number of the caller and save it for further process in the software. This custom development, thus lead to easier and smoother way to record the contact details of any enquirer of the restaurant.

  • Kiosk module
  • Keypad interface integration in KDS
  • GST (New addition in the governing law) for users in Malaysia
  • BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) for users in Philippines Country
  • Tax Bifurcation Report for users in India
  • Cost Calculation Reports
  • Export data request to a 3rd party software

eZee Absolute-Online Hotel Management System

  • GST for Malaysia
  • In accordance with the GST rules applied by the Malaysian government, we modified our cloud PMS in line with the policies. This custom development was exclusively for our users in Malaysia, in order to make it convenient and easy for them to make the most of our PMS.

  • BIR for Philippines Country
  • In compliance with the BIR guidelines issued in Philippines by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, we customized our PMS in such a way that it will be pre-configured to calculate taxes accurately, automatically compute your hotel sales and revenue while producing tax reports, bills and receipts that fully conform to the BIR mandate.

  • Green Tax Report for Maldives
  • The Green Tax is a tax which is payable on a day-to-day basis by the non-local guests to the hotel they are staying in. This was applied exclusively for tourist guesthouses, tourist resorts, tourist hotels and tourist vessels. So, when the Maldivian government came up with the Green Tax report submission from the hoteliers regularly every month, we customized eZee Absolute in line with those guidelines especially for our users in Maldives.

  • Government Statistical Report Interface for Iceland
  • Panama Government Report for Panama

eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine

  • Multiple Currency Payment Option
  • With this customization, the booking engine is able to receive payments in multiple currencies regardless of the local currency configured in the system. The system will accept the amount as per the exchange rates, thereby allowing bookers from across the world to make a direct booking.

  • Promotional Discount on Facebook Share
  • This development came from the trend of a hotel’s social media profile links connected with their website and even booking engine page. Considering this fact, we developed a feature of offering discount on bookings on sharing a hotel’s facebook page from the booker’s account.

  • 30+ Payment Gateways
  • With myriad of already existing payment gateways integrated with the booking engine, oftentimes, one may find their preferred payment gateway missing or not a part of our list. In that scenario, we have received integration suggestions with more than 30 payment gateways thereby making payment transactions faster, secure and convenient for bookers from different places.

  • Meta Search API
  • Allowing the booker to view and compare your hotel’s rates from all the connected connected channels as well as your booking engine, Meta Search APi will act as an add-on the booking engine page for the booker. This customization request will give a perfect platform to your bookers to analyze and make a faster decision to book at your hotel.

  • Facebook Conversion Code

eZee Centrix - Hotel Channel Manager

  • iCal based channel integration. (One way integration).
  • Many of our users want to sync their availability with iCal based channels (Vacation Rental Portals). Considering their needs, we created a new interface to synchronize availability of hotels with iCal based OTAs. Currently, it is a one way connection, so we can just sync availability with it. However, there being no API from their end for synchronization, booking operations cannot be performed from these kind of OTAs from our channel manager.

  • Google Hotel Ads Integration.
  • Several hoteliers want to publish their hotels on Google Hotel Ads. It is similar to meta search as we see in TripConnect. Taking that into account, we have our interface ready to help your hotel get published on the Google Hotel Ads.

  • Trivago Meta Search Engine Integration
  • Taking into account the increasing demands of our users around the world, we developed an integration between eZee Centrix channel manager and Trivago, the world’s top hotel search engine to help bookers get the best deal from all the connected channels when making a booking in the hotel.


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