Integrate with a hotel booking engine to grow your revenue through direct bookings.

About integration

Buzzotel Booking Engine is integrated with our distribution channel management system - eZee Centrix.

It enables hotels to manage inventory distribution and rates on all the connected channels along with the hotel website. Moreover, this integration also helps hotels supervise their bookings from multiple channels and booking engine. 

Key Benefits

This integration of Buzzotel Booking Engine with our channel manager eZee Centrix brings following benefits for hotels:

  • Synced inventory over channels and hotel website
  • Reduced overbookings
  • Greater exposure and visibility
  • Minimize staff's workload for inventory and rate updates

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, you can contact our support team at or call directly to +91-990-999-2267, +91-898-000-5647 for more information.

About Buzzotel

Buzzotel is a unique service for hotels that combines automated revenue management and dynamic pricing along with a complete suite of hospitality technology to directly increase business for hotels across the world.

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