Sync your sales and purchases to streamline your tax filings and more.

About integration

Prosoft WINSpeed financial accounting is integrated with hotel management software - eZee Frontdesk, restaurant management system - eZee BurrP!

This interface enables easy access of all important data and other accounting information in hotel PMS.

Versions of Prosoft WINSpeed that we're integrated with:

Version 4.0.

Key Benefits

  • Automation & accuracy
  • Reduce human error
  • Increase speed & efficiency
  • Easy access of information
  • Saves time

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, you can contact our support team at or call directly to +91-990-999-2262, +91-909-994-1866 for more information.

About Prosoft WINSpeed

Prosoft WINSpeed accounting software for professional managers Fully integrated system support Since the price comparison Planning and ordering orders to control product purchases efficiently Sales can predict sales. Resulting in higher sales Warehouse Can view the data in real time, including cost of sales and profit from the sale of products Including financial and accounting systems Which has various reports both internally and externally according to the Revenue and Accounting principles So you will not miss the software that is full of efficiency and professional service team.

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