In compliance with the regional requirements

About integration

Fiscal printers have been the recent demand in the hospitality industry ever since the governments require a logs of all the invoicing performed at the hospitality establishments. In Romania, this must be done through fiscalization.

We have integrated our restaurant POS software eZee BurrP! with Datecs which is an online system issuing electronic invoices for our users in Romania to help them be compliant with this requirement. 

Key Benefits

The benefits of this integration with Datecs are as follows:

  • Automatic invoice submission to the portal

  • Saves time of to and fro between different applications

  • Record keeping and auditing becomes transparent

  • Minimal chances of errors, leading to higher accuracy

How to avail this integration?

All you need to do is fill in the form on the link below. Once we get your details, our team will contact you to know and understand your requirements and help you with the integration. 

About Datecs

Datecs is a leading manufacturer, developer, and seller of POS solutions. Our mission is to change the future of POS by offering cutting-edge products, produced in total quality control by our expert team. With passion for technological innovation and customer satisfaction we have won the hearts of numerous customers around the world.

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