Distribute your availability and rates on these OTAs uniformly using our channel manager

About integration

Treovi is integrated with our hotel channel management system - eZee Centrix.

It enables hotel connect with different OTAs through a single system.

Key Benefits

  • Increase bookings
  • Increase visibility
  • More conversions
  • Enhanced security
  • Increase profits

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, you can contact our support team at cm@ezeetechnosys.com or call directly to +91-990-999-2267, +91-898-000-5647 for more information.

About Treovi

Treovi is the only hotel reservation startup in the world that combines no booking fees for guests and no commissions for hotels registered, bringing freedom to travellers, and an amazing change in the hotel industry. Launched as an open beta (guests can already book rooms via our reservation system) Treovi features all the OTA services a hotelier can expect and is a work in progress, trying to bring the best for the user. Treovi has currently at around 2000 hotels registered (since Summer 2012) and progressing - the added value of non-commissioned in the OTA market might be a real game changer in the near future. 

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