An interface that authenticates the passports and thus prevents any kind of fraud.

About integration

Pradotec is integrated with our Hotel software eZee Absolute and PMS system - eZee Frontdesk.

It enables hotel capture, process, auto-fill, authenticate, and verify identities of your guests to reduce fraud case and increase revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Increase security
  • Save guest profile on PMS
  • Reduce time for check-in process
  • Reduce costs

How to avail this integration?

To avail this integration, you can contact our support team at or call directly to +91-990-999-2262, +91-909-994-1866 for more information.

About Pradotec

One-stop solution provider that delivers service expertise contribute with unique experience as an added value to our clients. We promise to innovate and deliver capabilities for the future.

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