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Global Restaurants Which Made It Easy
Emblazoned with warm colors and dance floor, Jambalaya Restaurant is an ideal place for recreation and serving its panache visotors, grill food in Goa. With recent up-gradation in technology by configuring eZee BurrP!, the outlet is delivering excellent services adding delight to customers' experience with efficient services.
Located just a few minutes away from coast of Mombasa, Kenya, Grill House offers great food, drinks and relaxing atmosphere to guests. Managing stock, minimizing wastage and tracking items in the kitchen is optimized with inventory and stock management feature available in restaurant management POS eZee BurrP!.
Experts in baking European breads and cakes, Loafology Bakery and Cafe in Pakistan plates fresh salads, fast food and beverages to its posh clientele. The cafe offers joyful experience to consumers providing attractive display of baked menu items in digital restaurant eZee iMenu, integrated with eZee restaurant management system.
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Centrally located in Jordan, the family dining place; Bonita Restaurant and Bar welcomes all with warmth of fireplace giving a taste of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurateur tracks orders and efficiently serves diners with table reservation management, a feature embedded in eZee BurrP! restaurant management software.
Orange Bakers and Family Restaurant nearby Kochi airport, India, is famous for bakery products and popular Indian cuisines, attracting travelers to savor freshly baked plum cakes. Automating with eZee BurrP!, the establishment administers various functions and tracks live happenings of all their food and beverage consumption from single dashboard.
Engulfed between the scenic landscape, 5Swiss Hotel in Kigali, allures all class of diners with staple dishes and beverages, comforting them in contemporary style interiors. The hotel manages its restaurant operations with eZee point-of-sale software and reviews transactions details of dinette with mobile app eZee iReport.
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Infused with Arabian opulence and elegance, Sheraton Hotel is nestled in Kuwait city, enticing tourist, foreigners and locals. The hotel has digitized its in-house dining by employing eZee eMenu enhancing customer experience with attractive images of cuisines enabling customers to glance at their favorite entrees as per different seasons.
Established in Kabul city, Bost Restaurant displays the country's history on its walls with traditional ambience. Run by women, the restaurant serves ethnic delicacies welcoming families in Afghanistan. Utilizing banquet management module embedded in eZee BurrP!, the restaurant oversees all its operations smoothly.

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