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Dear Friends,

At the beginning of the year, we wish you a successful year ahead. In this eZee Insider edition, we are going to show you the most happening events and news occurred throughout the year. Find out the unique celebration of eZee's 10 years in industry, our visitors, services and insights to the industry. Get ready for some exciting pieces of articles. Read on!

eZee’s Year in Review | 2015

This is a special time of the year where we make presentation of events and episodes that made eZee proud with grand success. Let us take a look back at the achievements and stories that made 2015 so much colourful and accomplished.

eZee’s Year in Review | 2015

New CEO’s first e-mail to team eZee

Post announcement of being the new CEO of eZee Technosys, our new leader Aeijaz Sodawala sends very first email to team Read an excerpt of the heart felt and inspiring words below:

The Countdown Begins: Revamped eZee Reservation Website Coming Soon

I sit here today, with a new designation “CEO, eZee Technosys”, overwhelmed by the terrific news, all I can think about my journey till here which I can sum up in just 3 lines by Robert Frost-

“Two roads diverged in a wood,and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I took the path not taken and today as I am embarking on this new journey I want to give you a little more insight about me and share my ideas for the future of our company.

It is an incredible honor for me to lead this dynamic team of very talented individuals like yourself and serve this incredible organization.

Read the complete email here.

eZee FrontDesk: choose an ideal Rate Plan for your property

Depending on your business type, you might need to configure the rates differently for the guests staying at your property. Choosing an ideal rate configuration plan for your business is a key factor in revenue generation as well as ease of operations. eZee FrontDesk gives 3 types of Rate configuration methods.

Faster and Flexible Synchronizing Interface in eZee FrontDesk

Linear Rate: The most fundamental rate configuration method allows you to define rates for combination of different room types and rate types you have to offer. You can even set rates for weekdays and weekends where you can select days to set the weekend making it Room Type oriented method.

Non-Linear Rate: This method is best suited for businesses that sell the rooms based on number of pax. The system would apply the rates for each adult/child in rooms. It is useful where the rate of additional pax is not fixed or not in fixed multiple factor.

Allocated Rate: The properties that take pain of changing rates very frequently can use this configuration method. It allows the user to generate a calender, define the rate type in accordance with the room type and apply it for the calender period.

Contact eZee Support to know more about rate configuration in eZee FrontDesk.

Get a business website designed for your property

To keep pace with the changing market demands, you have to constantly update yourself to be presented in front of the tech savvy millennial users via online platforms. The best way to appear online and increase visibility, accessibility and sales for any business owner is to develop a website.

eZee sets out to exhibit in MYANFOOD 2015

Along with the hospitality service, eZee also offers custom website design for property owners .

We develop a customized design using WordPress. Paying close attention to Call To Actions on your website that attracts the viewers; we arrange images, the facilities you provide and your special offers in such a way that the visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Website will load in no time with a high class presentation, with images, code and web pages optimized as much as possible.

With vast experience, our design experts have the best industry knowledge which has already been successfully applied to more than 100 websites.

For your web design queries, contact us at sales@ezeetechnosys.com

Social Contribution and corporate responsibility: eZee serves a noble cause

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa

eZee Celebrates the 10th Edition of Annual General Meeting

Corporate conscience makes an organization responsible towards the society it operates in. As a global enterprise, we recently initiated contributing our bit by feeding people on the day of Christmas.On account of completing 10 years in hospitality industry on 24th December, 2015, eZee expressed Corporate citizenship by fulfilling a charitable purpose.

eZee served a noble cause by feeding more than 600 people. A unique charity event to benefit a cause where 20+ eZee volunteers with NGO partner Chhanyado.org and Foodiecart.in as “Cause Fulfilling Partner” made provision for two time meals to underprivileged people at ”Chhanyado”, New Civil Hospital Campus, Surat.

We hope to focus and contribute to the social responsibilities leading towards enriched society.

Marketing in Hospitality: Techniques to notice in 2016

As 2016 begins we look upon the strategy and techniques to be followed throughout the year. For hospitality business person, below are some marketing trends to be mindful of in 2016.

eZee FrontDesk works out Green Tax in Maldives

Smartphones put on the show: Google survey says, more searches are fired from mobiles and 82% of users look up to their phone to decide to buy any product or service. Thus, you should pay heed to mobile optimization.

Social Media Advertising: Business intelligence says, you ought to develop a dynamic presence across social media to stand out. Hence, 2016 will demand to invest more time and fortune in social media advertising and initiatives.

Quality Content: 7.79 TB/second of data is shared on internet. For targeted user, this is no less than noise. Therefore, quality and quick presentation of content will play a big role in grabbing the attention of readers.

Remarketing: This underused marketing technique comes on front foot in 2016. The idea is to make visitors come back to your website and convert, and consequently increase conversion rate significantly.

Digitized Hotel: Bar is raised for technology in industry. Equip your hotel with latest solutions and make your business digitized this year.

Stay up-to-date with industry news, visit eZee Blog.

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Shimmering Festivity at eZee during Deepavali

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eZee welcomes global visitors at Surat HQ

Its just the first month of 2016 and we already have so many of our partners visiting eZee headquarters.The visitors from numerous countries paid analytic visits to eZee offices in order to traverse the operational departments. Concurrently, all attended the wedding ceremony of Mr. Aeijaz Sodawala. The team from eZee Malaysia, joined the celebrations with gusto and excitement. Our Partners from Thailand and Kenya took a tour of company to look inside the business. eZee’s oldest partner from HiFin Technosys, Kenya too remained present as always making the partnership stronger.

eZee Solutions Release Notes: Keep track of latest eZee upgrades
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