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Dear Friends,

Welcome to eZee Insider, keeping you up to date with what’s happening in eZee world. As we go ahead in expedition, we come across many new experiences and news that we are eager to share with you. In this eZee Insider edition, find out eZee’s new product enhancements, annual gathering event, industry insights with latest happenings and updates from eZee blog.

Introducing Hotel Guest Self Service Portal in eZee Absolute

More than 80% of global tech-savvy travelers are using their smartphones for everything and they expect the same from their hotel.Through eZee's Mobile Guest Portal, you can offer exactly that and more. Giving your guest a great deal of accessibility, the guest portal allows them to request for numerous services right from their mobile device.

Introducing Hotel Guest Self Service Portal in eZee Absolute

The guest portal is designed keeping advanced modern traveler in mind. Alongwith the traveler, the mobile guest portal will facilitate the hotelier significantly. Here is how,

  • Avoid long waiting time at Reception, Opt for self check-in service.
  • Help yourself, Ask your guest to build their profile.
  • Logistics and transport services.
  • Provide your guest the exact route to your property.
  • Hotel bill on mobile.
  • Enhance hotel service with the help of guest reviews.
  • Plan guest itinerary with ease.
  • Effortlessly manage group reservations.

Discover eZee Absolute Mobile Guest Portal.

The all new Kiosk Mode now available in eZee BurrP!

Taking orders from guests has never been easier. eZee introduces the all new Kiosk Mode which will engage your guests directly with the self assisting eZee BurrP! system.

The Countdown Begins: Revamped eZee Reservation Website Coming Soon

Guests will be involved in ordering for themselves and make a payment as well. When this mode is activated, you can see the Kiosk screen which asks the guests to swipe their card and punch the order which is transferred to kitchen in a flash. Upon finalizing the order, payment is deducted and receipt is generated instantly.

The system accepts ‘loyalty cards’ issued to guests that are generated by eZee BurrP! System. If the guest does not possess the card, you can create it easily, recharge it and the guest is ready to use self-ordering Kiosk mode.

With Kiosk feature, more guests will be served quickly that will result in fantastic ROI for your property.

Get eZee POS Kiosk installed at your property to upsurge merchandising.

eZee NextGen secured with Database Authorization

When it comes to database security, authorization for a user to access your database is a must security check.To prevent your database from being accessed and modified by unauthorized users we have implemented a Safety Mechanism through Database Authorization.

Faster and Flexible Synchronizing Interface in eZee FrontDesk
  • Why we need database authorization?

The purpose of Authorization is to control the services from being triggered when database is restored by support person for testing in order to duplicate the cases reported by users. If it is not protected, processes and services can be triggered which could result in false notification to guests. Database Authorization process locks the database and allows only selected services to run, stopping other back-end services.

Once authorization is activated, you will see the alert  on your screen which says “Service is stopped due to database change.” This message ensures that you will be able to use eZee NextGen system but all interfaces or 3rd party communications will be blocked. The database authorization is a onetime process and once activated/allowed, will not be required again.

If you are using eZee Nextgen System in LIVE environment and you notice such message in your eZee Nextgen system, you must contact eZee Support to get taken care of it right away.

Travelers’ lookout in digital age : predictions for hoteliers

As more and more people turn to digital traveling every day, we make prediction as to what travel outlook travelers pursue in digital age. Consequently, you hoteliers must arm yourselves beforehand in order to provide guests quick and friendly experiences during stay. To achieve that readiness, you must know what millennial travelers are expecting.

eZee sets out to exhibit in MYANFOOD 2015

There is no denying that internet and smartphones hold the power to provide infinite choices as to where-to-go and where-to-book; rendering boom in online travel industry. Keeping this in mind, firstly you must learn how your inventory is being considered by tech-savvy guests. Go beyond what your insight-data shows, know the approach of omni-channel travelers towards booking. Keep a check on travel apps and modes preferred by them. Train your staff by building their contemporary hard and soft skills. Provide online map to locate your property and an up-to-date website.

In conclusion, keep pace with tech savvy travelers using ultra-modern hospitality solutions & don’t underestimate the power of a small screen.

From the blog : Re-defining Hospitality Technology

Over the last decade, the hospitality industry witnessed a plethora of innovations and technological advancements. As a hotelier, you strive hard to take care of your guests and a little misfortune gets you a bad review on TripAdvisor, Yelp and numerous review portals which have sprung up.

eZee Celebrates the 10th Edition of Annual General Meeting

We knew, we had to bridge this gap and that’s how eZee was born. We started eZee in 2005 on a simple belief: “The software you choose should go with your business; not the other way round.” This is the mantra which drives us till date.

As a result of the advent of online distribution the PMS now had to double up as a distribution tool as well, integrated with other tools like web booking engine, channel manager, revenue management system and many more.

Read the complete blog here.

Kick-start of the year: eZee on a high progress trajectory

Two months have passed since the year started and we are already projected to a growth-ward high end development in global hospitality industry. Setting foot in 30 countries in just first two months of the year is a massive kick-start for eZeeites.

eZee FrontDesk works out Green Tax in Maldives

Enrollment of 100+ new clients to eZee bandwagon preludes the sustained growth of the company. The stream of new clients and expansion of clientele demands strengthening of eZee services and support. To foster client satisfaction and provide lightning fast support and services, eZee team is always on toes.

Another element reinforcing our purpose to serve the industry is great reviews by our clients. 90% positive reviews show that we have got all what it takes to create a well-satisfied user-manufacturer community.

Over and above, we are going to witness a huge promising growth in the upcoming months of 2016.

Annual General Meeting celebrated at eZee Malaysia

The most awaited event of the year Annual Gathering is the time to connect with all colleagues and empower the team. Following the practice, eZee Malaysia recently conducted the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at OUTBAC Broga - a popular spot for outdoor adventures few hours away from Kuala Lumpur.

Annual General Meeting celebrated at eZee Malaysia

The 3 days AGM included numerous happening episodes and activities to energize the Malaysian eZee team. The members had an enthralling session of team building activities along with hill hiking, flying fox, wall climbing, race, campfire and much more.

During AGM, each department looked over annual progress along with planning future strategies for time ahead. Moreover, each eZee M team member passionately shared her/his knowledge and experience in journey at eZee so far. The conclave ended with an interesting Brainstorming session.

Get to know eZee better, have a glance at our team.

eZee Centrix: A complete Distribution Ecosystem, not just a Channel Manager

Gone are the days when hotels only had a channel manager to get bookings from travel giants. Presently, to hold a firm stand in emerging digital travel industry, a hotel must possess an extensive solution that bridges them to all the booking avenues available to travellers.

Fulfilling these essentials, eZee Centrix serves as a powerful online distribution solution for hoteliers. Built on Open Integration platform, it supports various systems of different vendors, be it a PMS, CRS, Booking Engine or Portal. It renders all the systems streamlined and performs distribution across every channel with real-time updates of Availability, Rates & Inventory, while receiving bookings.

Annual General Meeting celebrated at eZee Malaysia

It precisely balances regional as well as international OTA connections, which caters for hoteliers to serve both local and foreign bookers, by effectively safeguarding currency & language differences. If your required OTA is not here, we can always configure that.

Explore List of eZee Centrix connections

Not just an integrated solution, eZee Centrix is all-inclusive Distribution Ecosystem !

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