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Welcome to eZee Insider, keeping you up to date with what's happening in eZee world. As we go ahead in expedition, we come across many new experiences and news that we are eager to share with you. The attraction of this eZee Insider edition is featured article of sports event organized by eZee. Besides, you can know more about most helpful lesser known product features, special article on industry insights and latest happenings from eZee blog.

Cricket fever: eZee Premier League (EPL) 2016

The cricket season is blooming in India as ICC World T-20 has commenced in full swing. Then again, the most awaited sport event of the year turned up at eZee on 12th March. EPL - eZee Premier League 2016 proved to be a happening tournament which unraveled the brilliant sportsmanship in eZeeites.

6 teams, 70 players, 5 matches, 76 overs and unlimited fun!

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While the event took off with national anthem; players took an oath to maintain team spirit & fair play, the razzle-dazzle cricketing action kept the cheering audience downright captivated throughout the game. With firepower, players showed solid performance in batting, bowling and fielding.The tournament hit a thrilling conclusion as the Rockers of Reservation gave a triumphant fight to Fantastic FrontDesk and earned the EPL 2016 trophy.

The objective of tournament stands to speak for a sportive culture and healthy living in the corporate lifestyle. Moreover, it brought the nine to fivers out on sports arena; plus identified young talents, boosting inter-organization cohesiveness.

See, how energetic and sporty team eZee is! Meanwhile, don’t forget to play.smily

Market List feature in eZee BurrP!: Make a list and save your time

When it comes to following the inventory of your stores, or sending out purchase orders for any item in inventory; its natural for anyone to forget keeping an eye on the numerous stock items every time.

The Countdown Begins: Revamped eZee Reservation Website Coming Soon

eZee BurrP! is equipped with a feature ‘Market List’ which would eliminate this hassle for you, taking control of all your stock management concerns. This feature allows you to add a pre-defined purchase order(PO) record of those items, stockpile of which might need your attention over time. You can easily draft an order of what to buy, which vendor to buy from along with the rates & quantity of inventory items on the go. In a nutshell, the Market List feature primarily indicates a shopping list which you would refer while purchasing your required items from the market.

In the end, without having to remember the orders all the time; directly add them in this list and generate a purchase order whenever required.

Learn to make the most of eZee POS features especially designed to save your precious time!

A roadmap to Auto Email Notification in eZee NextGen

If you are a busy hotelier using eZee NextGen system with Integrated Email Notification module, then reports are an ideal way for you to stay informed on those countless bookings and check-ins you have at your property at the end of the day.

Faster and Flexible Synchronizing Interface in eZee FrontDesk

Whether its a Daily Sales report, or Night Audit report, or even an Arrival List report; majority of hoteliers generally rely upon synced pop-up notifications for updates.

Instead, one time setting will take care of any upcoming report related requests.

This is strategically designed to send selected reports for Audit Date as well as reports for New Day according to your selection and setting. For the property administrators these reports assist in calculating and comparing the projected and actual revenue; ultimately saving time in keeping track of legion of transactions.

Same feature is available in eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS too. Visit eZee Support for more details.

eZee at premier IT exposition India IT Show 2016

Indian IT industry continues to exemplify innovation and intelligence in the digital revolution that has taken the world by storm. India has emerged as a significant foundation of e-solutions and services to sate the global tech demands.

eZee sets out to exhibit in MYANFOOD 2015

To build a win-win alliance for global buyers and service providers, India IT Show 2016 was organized during 3rd & 4th March, 2016. eZee proudly became a part of the event as a contributor to hospitality IT industry. The international business networking event was organized by Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC); at Renaissance Convention Centre, Mumbai.

eZee presented the hospitality products before the global organizations catering three dimensional growth in resources, expertise and technology. Indian Software and Services Industry is emerging as a source and supplier of IT requirements of the whole world.

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Rise of Mobile Guest Self Service Portal in Hotel Software

Since the advent of smart-phones in this tech-savvy world, it is hard to pinpoint anyone who is not making the most out of mobiles. Being a hotelier, its necessary for you to walk hand-in-hand with these changing trends.

eZee Celebrates the 10th Edition of Annual General Meeting

Following the previous article, we are disclosing some of the amenities which can be extended to the guests through the guest service portal.

This Mobile Guest Self-service Portal will not only help you interact well with your guests, but also boost your revenue by encouraging them to utilize your services just by a single click. This feature has been designed keeping the technologically advanced modern traveler in mind, who prefers each and every amenity at his fingertip. Integrate your hotel software with Mobile Guest Portal and benefit with the upsurge in bookings and guest satisfaction.

Read the complete blog here.

Our journey so far: know eZee by the Numbers

eZee Celebrates the 10th Edition of Annual General Meeting

Rise of Cloud solutions: why properties are moving to cloud?

The hospitality industry is in an era where ‘Cloud Solutions’ are becoming utter fascination in terms of user friendliness, modern technology perks and more. The budget properties and even giant ones cannot escape the charm of Cloud. Do you still have misgivings about cloud technology? All those doubts will be resolved here.

Rise of Cloud solutions: why properties are moving to cloud?

Various reasons to switch from desktop to cloud are defined by challenges you face while running hospitality business. Mainly, cloud adoption would give you operational agility, data security and easy disaster recovery, easier accessibility, cost efficiency & advanced productivity along with ‘pay as you go’ subscription model.

While eZee gives plenty of resources to automate your time consuming manual tasks through cloud solutions; the Technology Life Cycle associated with them remains at the latest. That gives the products an utmost technological maturity. eZee gives everything you need in user-friendly hospitality solutions on Cloud, which helps collaborating with global travellers from different time zones. Thus, any scope of manual complication will be eliminated; giving you a competitive advantage.

We can help you implement the exact Cloud Solution you need.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

eZee engineers ensure efficient product utilization with on-site implementation

Having a working knowledge of the software you adopt and being able to use it to the fullest; is a pre-requisite for you as end user. If you are using eZee solution(s) for the first time, we will ensure that you are using it in a best possible manner.

Annual General Meeting celebrated at eZee Malaysia

This is achieved by on-site product implementation; where we educate the hoteliers with our product, benefits and much more.

  • Get over the complexity of software under the supervision of experienced engineers.
  • Get your staff trained with system on your own database and improve your familiarity with the system and features.
  • All property level configuration carried out can be verified by eZee executive for best possible output.

Last month, eZee engineers went to a number of places across India to implement eZee solutions. This included Hotel ‘The Grand Xenia’ in Ajmer that installed eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP!, eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix. Whereas Pune based Restaurant ‘Double Roti’ got equipped with with eZee Restaurant POS and ‘Baghann Orchard Retreat’ in Uttar Pradesh that implemented eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP! These properties ensured best possible support at their disposal by having eZee engineers on their site while implementing eZee Solutions.

Reach out to eZee On-boarding team for your onsite implementation requests.

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