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eZee Technosys eZee Insider April 2016
Introducing eZee Ultimate

Biggest advancement in the history of eZee : eZee Ultimate launched

Throughout a journey lasting 10 long years, eZee has witnessed outset of some amazing products and epic moments. Recently we passed an incredible milestone. More than 5500 users worldwide are now using eZee solutions. Hence, with that comes a significant responsibility! Responsibility to equip all hotels with latest technology.

Taking a quantum leap in delivering technology to hoteliers, we introduced 'eZee Ultimate' - a technology platform comprising of free-to-use suite of hotel software designed especially for rookie hoteliers.Using eZee Ultimate, worldwide hoteliers can benefit from top-notch hospitality technology free of cost.

Currently, hotels pay high subscription charges to implement technology. Training the staff and maintaining software is challenging too. For them, eZee Ultimate comes as a win-win bonanza where they are not subjected to any fixed subscription charges and pay only when they sell rooms with no lock-in contract. Furthermore, eZee takes the responsibility of everything from implementation to 24x7 live support.

This cost-free leading-edge technology will assist hoteliers to optimize hotel operations, create new sales channels, boost exposure to bookers, escalate occupancy and offer a wonderful guest experience without spending a penny.

Wondering why you should opt in for eZee Ultimate without delay? Read this.

eZee Burrp!

Everything you need to know about eZee BurrP! in just 100 seconds.

Living through its 10th year in this industry, eZee has succeeded in being abreast with the ever evolving trends and changing technologies.

After the noteworthy work in eZee Absolute product video; in April 2016, eZee has rolled out red carpet for a 100 seconds product video of eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS software.

Giving a sneak peek over the prominent features of the point-of-sale software, this video educates the restaurateurs on the whats, hows, and whys of eZee BurrP!.

eZee BurrP! Can do a lot more than you think. Check out now.

Watch the complete video here

We offer you what suits you the best

Yes, that’s what we are! Helpers, Experts, Facilitators.

So how do we do it ?
Before you begin reading this, think what comes to your mind when you see eZee product making your work easier? A solution to your technology requirements ? Bingo! you got it right. But..Have you ever thought of what makes us different? Sit back..Let us answer it.

Offering variety of products that are finely crafted by our engineers, we give you what suits you best. When you join us, it's not just a one time transition, it becomes an ongoing relationship with eZee.

Our powerful on-boarding team eliminates hassle of setting up the solution at your own property. So when you start using eZee solution, it will be configured on what matters the most: your own data!

What's more; fully functional trial, requested customization, unlimited training, hardware & software interface setup, product updates, and implementation give a boost to step you aboard. Afterwards, our Customer Success Team stays always in connection with you to assist you with eZee solution.

It feels awesome when users like you give proof of concept for eZee solution.

Whenever smart people work, doors are unlocked

We welcome you, at another office expanding eZee headquarters

Surpassing a decade of experience since its inception 10 years back; eZee has unraveled a path of success through its constant endeavor to deliver great products and walking along with upping technology trends.

With more than 130 employees in its convoy, eZee is consistently working on refining client experience and corporate advancement. Continuing the same values, vision and mission; eZee inaugurated a brand-new office in Surat. Further down the lane, eZee perseveres to expand its horizon by engaging fresh mind-sets and ideas. The new office is furnished to meet all requirements of the team while providing a work-friendly environment.

Conclusively, eZee pegs way to prevail as most desired organization to work in, with an aim to breakthrough as an unparalleled established brand name in the hospitality industry.

Know the team and you'll know what we are capable of.

Quick ROI

How to earn quick ROI from your hotel software?

When hospitality industry technologically advances, achieving maximum productivity (ROI) in terms of sales and resources demands a right hotel software. As it will greatly affect your ability to run a successful hotel business.

In absence of an efficient all-in-one hotel software, you will struggle to automate and streamline daily operations, monitor revenue, ensure maximum output from hotel staff or enrich guest satisfaction. If hotel technology seems like a huge expenditure, keep in mind it also brings in means for quick revenue.

The right hotel software will not only optimize majority of hotel operations; but also reduce capital spent on human resources. And your hotel staff will be able to focus on improving guest experience and merchandising your hotel services.

Need more assurance? Read the complete blog here

Suite Management

eZee NextGen: top work-saving features you must know

About the Suite Management feature of eZee FrontDesk

Are you struggling to decide how to make the most of your suite rooms? Manage your inventory effortlessly with the Suite Management feature of eZee FrontDesk.

This feature accommodates all your needs concerning suite rooms and their fitting use. Now sell the suite room as a single unit, or sell the interior rooms of the suite individually as per your requirements and the market season in your region. Upon booking a parent room, all the child rooms are blocked. However, if you sell a child room, you cannot sell the parent room as a whole unit, but you can always sell other remaining child rooms. This feature will not only help you handle your inventory, but optimize your revenue, build up occupancy and yield maximum profit.

Impart better guest services through Pantry Message feature of eZee BurrP!

Many a times, your guests might need some prompt modifications in their orders. They might make modifications in order which your chef already started preparing. If changes are not being communicated to the chef in time, it might be awkward. The Pantry Message feature of eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS will save you from these troubles.

This aspect will help you take down your guests' extra additions in their requested entrees. These additions will reach the kitchen through the display system as a pantry message, consequently updating the corresponding chef with the change in ordered item(s) as an on-the-spot addition to the order, ensuring your guest gets exactly what he ordered.

Believe it or not, eZee BurrP! And eZee FrontDesk offer you more that you can expect.

eZee Solution

Infographic: Why people buy from us

To understand why numerous properties chose eZee over a myriad of other vendors providing hospitality software solutions, we analysed our sales cycle, client behaviour and more. We surveyed our clients and their feedback gave us quite a broad view of what influenced our clients to buy from us.

Benefits of All-in-one Hotel Management System

Over the last decade, the hospitality sector has witnessed a plethora of hotel management software. For a hotel, a property management system integrated with a channel manager and web booking engine is a necessity to effortlessly manage the hotel operations and room inventory distribution.

While choosing the right hotel software; one should consider an efficient all-in-one hotel software which promises you a boost in your revenue with minimal use of resources. Running a hotel with incompatible hotel management system might hinder your business growth through disorderly rate control. A bunch of overbooking cases might pile up if your PMS is not integrated with intertwined channel manager and a powerful booking engine.

Therefore, instead of employing several independent applications; you should pursue a system which entails all the relevant modules essential for running the hotel business.

You should know all the benefits of all-in-one hotel management system. Visit the blog.


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