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Gear up! The Charter Module segment of eZee FrontDesk is revamped

Charter Module, being a key segment in property management and operations, recently went through a make over. What's new in it? Why did we revamp it? Answer is, when over 5000 users are benefiting from our software, we always aim to make it easy what brings you revenue.

Charter Module segment of eZee FrontDesk

The Charter Module, now re-titled as 'Business Source-wise Inventory' in eZee FrontDesk is a prime feature that self-sufficiently looks after inventory allocation. The new element is, you can set aside particular room types of your property for a defined time duration for numerous business sources. What is more, you also have the rights to revoke the allocated inventory in case your business source is unable to make the most of it. Beyond just listing out the allocated inventory, the system will keep you posted on the revoked and used inventory too.

To sum things up, this enhancement will give rise to an organized reservation system with minimal chances of obvious human errors, leading to a superior experience for guests as well as business sources.

Impressive, isn't it? Find out more on eZee FrontDesk features or Talk to us for details.

Making payment with eZee NextGen is now quicker and simpler

Got Safaricom's M-Pesa wallet? Easily make payments with eZee NextGen. Adding to the multitude of existing payment modes, eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP! systems successfully integrate with Safaricom's M-Pesa in Kenya. A leader in mobile money transfer, M-Pesa has transformed the way Kenya pays bills and carries out monetary transactions.

eZee NextGen is now quicker and simpler

Owing to the latest add-on, the hoteliers and restaurateurs in Kenya using the software, can now receive payments directly from the digital wallets of guests. M-Pesa, a digital wallet, will let the guests perform a secure transaction right from the software, thereby reducing the use of traditional paper money. As a result, the guests will have a better experience with swift payment processing. Thus, we help you increase guest satisfaction.

Want more payment options? Explore the features of our software and suggest us what you think.

Our Story: A feedback from our client that took us on a Roller Coaster Ride

Many a times, if taken positively, complaints provide businesses with some real good opportunities. We all know how important it is to answer to negative reviews. The real task comes when treating an unhappy customer. If done in a systematic way, it may well increase the probability to aggravate satisfaction and loyalty, and sometimes, even repeated business for the organization.

Our Story: A feedback from our client

Something similar happened with us as well. One of our esteemed clients using our channel manager, Mr. Samuel T. Rajan, the Resort Manager at Grande Bay Resort and Spa Mamallapuram was unhappy with the report he received. This was a little unusual episode for us as we generally enjoy a great client satisfaction ratio and as a customer-centric company, we took up the matter seriously to provide a fulfilling solution to the vexed customer.

The end result was - our esteemed client had a bright smile once again on his face and satisfied with our query handling ability, he ordered our hospitality solutions for one of his sister concern hotel too!

Read the complete story of our pursuit.

We have witnessed many stories that you can relate to.Do check them out.

Business Trip Diaries: Meeting our Partners in Philippines

Suhel Motiwala, VP Channel Partners Network; last month paid a courtesy visit to our partners in Hong Kong and Philippines. The trip was a part of our undertake to know operations flow, market exploration and correlate with goals.

Meeting our Partners in Philippines

Sharing his experience, Suhel affirms that, "Our partner in Philippines, Mr. Emerson P. Ibon (Netsynch Computer Solutions); along with Mr. Fortunato Mercado (Fortle Telecoms solution Inc.) had organized an interesting programme which yielded in an effectual meeting. Interestingly, they were quite surprised to see a young man with knowledge and experience of a senior business associate."

These sort of visits conventionally help a great deal to monitor your evolution together and ascertain the change that creates lasting effect in industry through collective efforts.

Looking back at the well spent time, Suhel recalls, "Often times, an unsought distance would resonate while working with remotely located partners. So, when you meet them in person, you build up a mutual understanding that is crucial to gain a trust factor in your business. Just a personal visit and brief interaction can boost a confidence which ultimately creates powerful connections and communication with HQ."

Thus, with partners, eZee walks hand in hand, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Try partnering with eZee.

Non-integrated hotel solutions are dying a slow death, are you stuck with one?

A property management system aka PMS also referred to as a hotel management system, is often the backbone of a hotel's IT infrastructure. Responsible for streamlining all hotel operations, a PMS or hotel management system is often integrated with various other applications offered by the PMS provider or by independent software vendors.

Non-integrated hotel solutions

Erstwhile, hotels only deployed a PMS to manage the hotel operations, but with the changing guest behaviour and the growth of hospitality technology, many other important tools are being used by modern hotels - Channel Manager, Web Booking Engine, Feedback management system, POS, Facebook booking engine and more to acquire, service and delight their guests.

This is resulting in the downfall of the single PMS leading up to the rise the 360° solutions encompassing all the solutions required for smooth hotel operations in one single system.

Read the complete story to comprehend the impact of this phenomenon on the hotel industry.

Deliver what you showcase! Because you want your guest to return.

Branding! Marketing! Advertising! Promoting! You have been focusing everywhere, right? You might go and try all possible avenues to put yourself in front of the bookers, because you need and want them to arrive at your hotel or property. Amidst all this chaos, we behold good deal of occasions where guest experience ends up being unsatisfactory.

Why? What went wrong? What was missing?

Let's dig further into the reasons.

Build Relationship with Guests

In times of digital technologies, guests are already loaded with all the information - about you, your competitors, services, almost everything - and certainly, they would be expecting the same level of hospitality. Perhaps, the dissatisfaction might be rooted in several reasons, such as under-trained staff, lack of soft skills, slow paced services, unintentional negligence, unprofessional housekeeping and even cleanliness issues.

We understand that these issues can skip out of your mind. But it's never too late to get back on track. Here are some fundamental steps! You shall definitely invest in essential staff training. Soft skills of personnel are always an added advantage. Above all, don't forget that we all are humans. Treat your guests so as to make them feel adored.

All said and done, automate hotel operations and you can focus more on guests.

Stronger together - when we partners meet!

Divan Morgan and Willie from Morcla Solutions Pvt. Ltd - a new addition to eZee Partners' caravan paid a visit to eZee Surat HQ last month. They aim to provide effortless service at the fingertips to the hoteliers and restaurateurs in South Africa.

Partners meet eZee HQ

This visit laid grounds for a strong and long-lasting partnership between both establishments. With an aim to strategize about the future expansion plans in South African sphere, the partners met the whole team. The underlying objective behind the visit was to develop mutual trust by showcasing the wonders of eZee products.

Just as we continue in developing and widening its horizons through its flair in hospitality solutions, our new partners too intend on achieving maximum by maintaining high levels of service excellence.

Know more about our thriving eZee channel partner program.

Optimize what lies at bottom line: Hotel Revenue Management

With an aim to attain wholesome growth, you hoteliers might be paying absolute attention to bring in more revenue while providing superior services. Why Revenue Management comes is important? First things first, Revenue Management is all about 'selling right room at right rate to right guest at right time'.

Hotel Revenue Management

Managing hotel yield helps you optimize room occupancy and price availability, based on your data analysis and predictions of market demand in your business environment. In times of low demand or high demand, our software duly safeguards the RevPar, making it easy for you to pick up a best rate for your rooms in order protect you from revenue loss.

We give you the means for revenue management in eZee Absolute cloud PMS and eZee Reservation Booking Engine. Instead of manually evaluating data, you can count on elaborated feature of revenue management in our hotel software.

Try eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation, it will work wonders for your property.

Dealing with angry guest? It's more of an ART than a liability.

In Hospitality, you can easily win guests (and thereby business!) or if something goes missing, you would earn their wrath too. However much you try to deliver more than what you promise, you cannot guess it beforehand if a guest is displeased.

Dealing with Unhappy Customers

BUT, what if an angry guest is standing in front of you emitting fire? Unexpected though, you are caught off guard. Don't worry, we've got your back. Here is a compilation of some good-to-remember hacks, to make you well-prepared and equipped enough to brush aside friction.

1. Apologize earnestly - A sincere apology for the inconvenience caused (reason be whatsoever!) is a best rationale to compose oneself.

2. Be enormously patient! Listen on -Let the guest vent out her emotions. Don't try to cut them; reassure them with even-handed approach.

3. Stand in their shoes - Identify with their problem, ask for key details, explore the problem and try to nail down the cause. How would you react if you were in her place?

4. Hunt for a square solution! - Propose a rectification that restores their faith in you. At last, you want them to visit you again, don't you?

5. Do monitor aftereffects - Give an occasional call or mail, and express care towards guest's satisfaction. Believe it or not, it makes them feel valued.

We have already accumulated stock of valuable content for hospitality professionals. Read our blog here.

eZee Absolute now generates Government Statistical Report

If you are in Iceland and a if you are a hotelier, this is a news for you!

A couple of months back, government of Iceland announced a new rule to send a monthly report, also known as Government Statistical Report to them. This report would include the number of national and international guests who arrived at the property.

eZee Absolute - Statistical Report

To fetch the reports from the hotels altogether, the government officials have generated a web portal wherein the hoteliers are required to log-in with provided credentials and submit the report in a pre-defined format.

Taking in account the hoteliers' need to generate and submit this report on time, we built a new feature in eZee Absolute which not only will prepare the report in the required format, but will also let the hotelier send the report directly to the portal right from the PMS by just a click.

eZee Absolute can automate any of your custom operation. Just send us a request. Besides, you can get it for free. Yes ! Check now.


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