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Let your guests know about Future Transactions: eZee FrontDesk

Are your guests always asking you about the probable charges applied to their portfolio while their stay? Was it hard to explain them the details of those transactions? Relax now, eZee FrontDesk is ready to wipe out all your troubles of future transactions.

Let your guests know about Future Transactions: eZee FrontDesk

Introducing the feature of Proposed Charges in eZee FrontDesk, which will indicate the charges belonging to future transactions, you will be able to explain a confused guest his due payment without any hitch. These may include extra charges which are always levied on guest, considering it as inclusion for any reservation and even for a checked-in transaction at your hotel.

Displayed in the Folio Summary and Reservation vouchers of a guest based on his stay duration, Proposed Charges gives you an overview of the future transactions. Denoted as an 'Inclusion' for future dates and 'Extra Charges' for current and past dates of the guest's stay, these charges will help you update your guest on the amount he may incur while his stay.

Click here to know more about the extensive features of eZee FrontDesk.

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) summed up

Providing efficient and swift services at your Restaurants precisely depends on steadfast transition of Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT). Yes, despite being just a small piece of paper, KOT carries the magic formula of efficient communication amongst service personnel.

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) summed upeZee Ultimate: our journey of glo

Of course, a restaurant PRO knows all about KOT, still; let us go by the definition here. A KOT is written or digital record given to the kitchen or bar for you to receive any item or entree from there.

What makes it so important? Well, it co-ordinates dealings between the kitchen/bar, billing counter and the guest service staff. Nevertheless, a KOT makes a waiter accountable for the services provided to the table he is in charge of. You steer clear of any inaccuracy or errors at counters, because a control mechanism is established. Know which entree is most popular and track the orders before bill is generated. Get a report of KOT vs. Receipt and leave no room for misconduct by staff, since you can always settle bills for all KOTs generated. Make it more convenient and print any KOT at any counter.

Giving you various types of KOTs to print, we make KOT management easiest for you. eZee BurrP! is an ideal point-of-sale system for your restaurant. Go get it now.

Up and running with eZee Ultimate: our journey of glory.

Just a couple of months back, Think Tank at eZee was contemplating about how to fulfill the mission that we undertook at the start of this year. The mission of equipping each hotelier with technology. And today, we sit back and look at the amazing response that we received for eZee Ultimate.

eZee Ultimate in a Nutshell

Initiating a paradigm shift in industry, we launched eZee Ultimate for hoteliers to avail top-notch hospitality technology free of cost. We had in hands our own set of challenges of not just the offering free solutions but to keep it going forward. Even though everything was well worked in advance, we had crossed fingers until a large number of inquiries drew in.

Our sole objective being, eliminating the survival struggle of hoteliers who are far too much technology deprived, and far too little willing to invest in it. Now, hotels are at liberty to use eZee software completely for free.

We are leapfrogging, innovating and revolutionizing, and the overwhelming response from customers and industry experts is what keeps us going. We are eager to know your feedback.

Tell us what eZee Ultimate needs to bring for you.

Why design matters? It is our creativity and passion made visible

You might be thinking, "why someone in hospitality IT domain would be so concerned about design?" Answer is, "Because in a world crafted by computers, design breathes life to our creations."

Why design matters

Design incorporates so many aspects that define core values of grabbing attention viz. UI, UX, architecture, readers psychology, usability, and above everything stands creativity.

The Head of Design at eZee, Viken puts the philosophy differently, "We figure out what to deliver what users need, we go deeper at the root to know why they want it. As helpful as research can be, utmost value goes to readers' feedback. We know domain and work flow, thereby we fathom exasperation users might experience while using our products or browsing though our websites. So, that's the thing, we don't just design it for look & feel. We solve problems with design. We design what is easy to grasp, intuitive, and assists our users to find what they are looking for."

We save them time and effort. We always try and vividly outdo ourselves with every next design recipe. Want us to design for you? Get in touch with us now.

Why should you ensure that your hotel solutions are always integrated?

Technology integration sounds like a challenge? Indeed it is. You cannot neglect it, considering the inter-dependency of hotel operations. In your pursuit of achieving ultimate efficiency, a simple thumb rule is to make your software talk to one another.

Why should you ensure that your hotel solutions are always integrate

Let us qualify this theory by following reasons. Read till end,

  • Foolproof 2-Way interconnection: When your PMS is seamlessly integrated with booking engine, channel manager, POS and others, they unflinchingly work smarter. That too, at lesser efforts.
  • Consolidated data: Operations and data are well coordinated in integrated system, as compared to multiple independent systems.
  • Real Time Distribution: Perform booking updates on all OTAs and your website in a flash from PMS. Bookers get real time data, thereby minimizing over-bookings.
  • Effortless Analysis: Keep track of everything from your reservations, channel statistics & more easily from one place, and form better business strategies.

Benefits are endless:

  • Save revenue, capture it all at one place.
  • Save time, no need of manually entering data of a software into another.
  • Focused User Skills, reduced training time.

We are the creators of extensive solutions that manage all operations evenhandedly. If you are a using an eZee solution with software from another vendor; we are more than happy to develop an interface. Kindly send us details of vendors you want our software to be integrated with. And reap the benefits of integrated systems.

If you need more details, we have a blog too. Check it out, it's a nice read.

Against all odds, how eZee manages to provide quality support?

In the times when almost every facet of hospitality industry is donning a mask of ease and comfort, finding the right hotel software becomes more important that it ever was. Where all the hotel management software providers claim to be the best, a hotelier seeks one which not only offers an ideal solution, but also reaches out to all the users and focuses on making the experience better for them.

how eZee manages to provide quality support?

And that's where eZee comes in the picture. Fighting all kinds of barriers, right from stable internet connection to managing the shifts; eZee manages to provide exceptional support 24x7, resolving any issues and queries promptly. Balancing all the factors of customer satisfaction, the experts of our support team triumph in offering quality support from anywhere.

The journey is still going but the quest for excellence that we foresaw is happening and is witnessed by our happy clients. This is how we do it!

Exhibitions! eZee goes across the world to participate

We at eZee always seize the opportunity to connect with hospitality industry users. These premier events showcase latest initiatives and trending ideas in industry to vendors, suppliers, buyers and end-users while offering knowledgeable insight.

Exhibitions! eZee goes across the world to participate

Our partners in Botswana, Client First Consulting (Pty) Ltd. represented eZee at The Business Botswana Northern Trade Fair - leading hospitality and trade event for finding ideal business opportunities.

Afghan ID represented eZee at the Kabul International Technology Exhibition KITEX 2016. A technology exhibition, KITEX aims to bring all the latest developments in IT products and services under one roof in Afghanistan.

Tourismo International Panama 2016 is a meeting point where Select Hospitality Solutions, our partner in Panama, exhibited our hospitality solutions. Morcla Solutions, our partners in South Africa demonstrated eZee's full-fledged hospitality solutions at the Good Food and Wine Show - Africa's greatest culinary event in South Africa.

Highlighting the cutting-edge technology software through eZee, the events resulted in a huge success as our partners earned an exceptional feedback from the visitants.

eZee Teams go out to enjoy Summer Blues

'Teamwork begins on building trust.'

Acknowledging the fact that "A team which works together; plays together and rises together". eZee's departmental teams went out of their ways to have fun, make merry and beat the summer blues.

eZee Teams go out to enjoy Summer Blues

Be it a movie, or a lunch at a chic pizza place or even gobbling desserts at a local eatery; the teams always find a way to jump out of the professional barriers outside the office walls and revel in the success of the team work together.

This season, eZee NextGen team - eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP! And Aruti team went on to rejoice the achievement of their targets, for a fancy team dinner which ended with Surat's yummy desserts. The celebration included AMC team with Customer Success team too. Designers and eZee iMenu team ain't left behind then. They opted for an entertaining time at a movie and a team dinner thereafter. And last but not the least, the spirited Marketing team enjoyed a jeering time on a hang out night.

As they say, 'When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play'; and it stands true with eZeeites. Connect with us on Facebook to get instant update.


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