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eZeetechnosys.com reincarnated: Corporate website metamorphosis

When you hear someone saying, "we redesigned our website." why you think why they did it? To improve user experience? Innovation? Content accessibility? Branding? Attracting visitors? Blah blah...right? You hear the same tale everywhere. Well, we did it too. And we nailed it! Here is how.

Technosys website redesign

SWOT analysis revealed a bunch of insights that we pondered over. However, we had our own set of challenges too. The significant one was, being minimalistic with content while conveying the absolute message. Creating thoroughly austere visuals, that are downright illustrative. At the same time, maintaining the stark simplicity.

We engineered high-fidelity wireframes wrapping information architecture with radical redesigns! The idea was to exhibit a platform that not only renders viewing pleasure with plenty of 'Aha' moments, but also identify our unique value proposition and makes it consistent across the entire website.

Presenting a new eZee Technosys Larger...Brighter...Richer... Resonating eZee.

Security with eZee FrontDesk: we did a bang-up job here!

When it comes to expedite the complex manual operations, integration of one system with another is the first way out. Concerns about managing multiple systems vanish with the seamless combination of door lock systems, key card integrations or financial software with the PMS.

FD feature : Door lock integration

Our desktop PMS eZee FrontDesk builds an interface with Door Lock integration software which will wipe out all your fears of physical room keys getting lost. eZee FrontDesk will save a record of cards being generated, so you won't need to remember that!

And of course, the PMS will infuse all the required data in the card in such a way that the card when used will activate only those amenities in the room, which the guest has paid for. Additionally, you will be able to generate key cards equal to the number of occupants in a room.

Benefits? Well, streamlined operations, track of the services in use, and much more than what you can imagine. Go check out the features now. Get all door locks interfaced with eZee FrontDesk here.

Want to recommend another one? Drop us a mail here.

eZee Call Centre with POS: Answer all calls and capture all orders

When you own a very popular restaurant or food joint, you will find fans in every corner. So, how would you spoon out them all? Open more outlets, maybe! And when you are at so many places, how would you reach to foodies at quickest? Relax, Call Centre module is here to help you.

Call Centre module

We unravel the Call Centre Application for chain restaurants and food joints with multiple outlets. Why a Call Centre?

Hours before lunch and dinner time are usually the busiest and peak time for calls too. Now, what if you are too busy to answer the phone yourself (Remember the missed reservations calls ?) The customer will hang up, which means revenue lost. This is where Call Centre becomes your saviour.

With eZee Call Centre, you can take orders right away. Select the nearest location based on customer's address. This order is then sent to eZee BurrP! POS at the nearest outlet with take away or home delivery label. All orders are stored in history, so you can easily look up to what the repeating customer had ordered earlier.

Answering every call Satisfied customers more captured orders remarkable experience happy guests.

And then, you are free to administer the business. Try eZee BurrP!
Mail up for more details.

eZee Reservation is going to dazzle you with a new look and features

eZee Reservation just got responsive. Yes! The booking engine will now look stunning on bookers' mobile phones. Loaded with new features, it gives out every detail one is looking for. Highlighted room specifications help the booker to get to the bottom of all service details. Bookers, finding what you like is easy as a pie now!

Responsive BE

And to make it more awesome, bookers can filter anything, be it to include or exclude non refundable plans. Search and even sort rooms based on guest ratings or pricing. Sounds all-inclusive, isn't it? Display promo code right in the booking window and show discounted rates too. We made booking process like a booking cart, let bookers add/edit/delete the selected rooms.

Availability Calendar & Widget

Inquiry form for No Availability

Review booking before confirming it

Closest Availability

Rich gallery UI

Comparison of rooms

Highlighted room specifications

Long and complicated booking process make 29% of potential guests abandon the booking. Because of technical issues and lack of options too. Hence, we have kept the booking process simplest, resulting to minimal abandoned bookings.

You will be able to experience all new eZee Reservation with next product release in early August. Connect with us for more details.

First half of 2016 propels strong growth for eZee

'The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the efforts you apply.' Proving it true, eZee continues to taste consistent success. Enrolling 700 new clients in first six months of 2016 and reaching the count of 6000+ clients, eZee continues to scale high on ladders of success, aptly poised with strong growth prospects in the near future.

Half yearly progress of eZee in Numbers

1000+ times we trained hospitality professionals with our software, and now we set our radar on expanding to new frontiers. Aspects that fuel our aspiration to deliver the best to the hospitality industry include 200+ true blue user feedback on online platforms, 10+ website building and developing highly functional user friendly content. We launched eZee Ultimate, and the all new responsive eZee Reservation is on its way to be released.

Keeping immense progress and future prospective in focus, eZee welcomes 49+ new innovative minds to propel and accomplish projected goals and objectives for other half of 2016.

Join the league and digitize your hotel!

Tips to woo the travelers with 'Social Media' engagement

With the enormous impact of social media in today's marketing practices, the hospitality industry is quickly moving towards 'Technological Sociability'. Wondering what is it?

These days, social media is not just about attracting guests to your property, but it is also an integral element to foster relationship, share value and engage with the guests. Roughly one in five travelers refer social media to pull off their travel plans.

Blog: Tips to woo the travelers with 'Social Media' engagement

So, why not make the most of it?
How can you to score using Social Media engagement? We have some tips for you.

Know which social networks are your guests fond of.

Attract your guests with tempting social media promotions.

Encourage them to engage on social media platforms.

Post creative, travel related and relevant content to lure new followers.

Get involved in paid social media campaigns

Social media is surely going to stay here as a vigorous marketing tool for the hospitality industry for a predictable future. In all possibility, the prediction seems to be quite optimistic for hoteliers who are all set to welcome the industry trend of social hospitality for engaging with guests, enhance their brand recognition and subsequently yield greater ROI.

Read the entire blog here.

Bonding over the Channel Network - Partners visit eZee HQ

Regardless of the spurge of social media in all the genres of this fast-paced world, the significance of meeting face-to-face has remained unswerving. It lays the foundation of trust and leads to solid, long-term partnerships and relationships - some of the most crucial factors in growing in any sector.

Reseller visits

Acknowledging the relevance of that, eZee Surat HQ rolled out red carpet for myriad of partners of late. Spanning from India to Iraq and South Africa, eZee welcomed partners Global Solutions, and Daksh Software - India; Nabaa Al Hadatha - Iraq, and Morcla Solutions - South Africa, Hitech Solutions - Nepal, Rochchip Technology - Dubai and e-Line Hospitality - UAE.

Our partners visited us with the purpose of product training, understand eZee's working methodologies, work-flow and strategies and realised that eZee's prime agenda is to provide the best service to the users. Addressing their concerns of products and business tactics, we bonded over the trust factor.

Looking forward to more visits in upcoming future, we welcome you to visit us. Reach to us here.


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