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Introducing Our Booking Engine's Makeover

Evolutions in the hospitality industry are ever-changing and thought-provoking. And when we had a chance, we planned to turn over new leaf in our booking engine.

Booking Engine's Makeover

A touch of responsive UI, a pinch of big-league add-ons and a wee bit simplified functioning.

That's all our booking engine needed to get better and finer. By and by, improving user experience brought in the dire need of a bright-eyed mind set and unconventional thought process from our end.

With varied requirements and growing demands of each business type in the industry, it was truly a challenge to manage all of them through one interface. We directed our endeavors to build a booking system which was not only simple and eccentric but also one which was operative from all kinds of devices. With a responsive user interface, what we created will flex and adapt to the size of screen it's been viewed and accessed on.

We started afresh with a new outlook, taking one step at a time and eventually pulling off the release of a world-class booking engine.

Read the full story here.

Breaking The Mundane Barriers - eZee Annual Picnic 2016

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. Its lethal.

Our regular slow-paced lives occasionally send us in boredom blues, where we crave for an adventure or something which makes us look forward to go to work, and move ahead like a wildfire.

eZee Annual Picnic 2016

To that end, just when monsoon kicked in, our wanderlust souls called out to us and we mulled over traveling somewhere, seeking to unwind from our hectic lives. We geared up for the escapade and embarked upon our journey towards Hill Zill Resort, Bordi. Surrounded by nature, the resort summed up to be a perfect place for a getaway. The 2-day picnic was intricately planned, with team members gladly volunteering to organize and manage the travel, stay experience and other activities. High on energy and zest; the event was packed with more than wonderful weather, great food and happy faces. It brought a healthy opportunity for us to meet and know each other outside the office walls.

Delightful participations from all eZeeites contributed to make the picnic a resounding retreat where talents unfolded, morales boosted, bonds strengthened, and spirits rejuvenated.

Get a quick peek of the adventurous and innovative eZee team.

Get Your Key Cards Posted Directly in eZee Absolute

A straightforward product brings along with it, a flock of quality users as well as A-1 user experience. When thinking about putting forth a user-centric product, the inaugural thought is to automate and improve on the existing features.

Direct Key Card Posting

And that made us enhance the 'Key Card Posting' feature of eZee Absolute. The primary lift was the shift of process from the use of tool to direct posting on the transactions. As a result, you will be able to directly generate and provide a key card to guests reserving a room at your hotel. Depending on the PAX occupying a room, this feature will record the required information on the key card, and generate it automatically. However, it will work only for 'Default' door lock type, in cases of Single Guest Check-in, Room Move and Single Guest Check-out, leaving out any group transactions. Coming along with additional customized settings for any hotelier and some other operational level benefits, this feature will make the process easier and quicker for you.

Avoiding any manual efforts required in generating a key card, 'Direct Key Card Posting' in eZee Absolute PMS will ease the process and let you offer a fresh experience to your guests. Discover more of eZee Absolute.

Cap Your Guests' Expenditure With eZee FrontDesk

Has it ever occurred that your guests have been disappointed with how the transactions and their charges have been levied on their stay period in your hotel? Or you had to come across faces frowning at over-the-top expenses charged by your hotel.

Credit Limits

Considering that case, eZee FrontDesk's 'Credit Limit' feature will take your guests' satisfaction to a whole new grade. Be it a daily credit limit or limit for your guest's stay duration, this feature will take care of the amount your in-house guests will be able to spend. Allowing you to define the credit limit at two levels: Folio Level and System Level, let your guests expend at your hotel in a pre-defined limit. Utilize the system level option if you want to apply similar credit limits to all the transactions happening at your hotel. And apply folio level credit limit to restrict it to a particular transaction. Enveloping advantages in multitudinal aspects, this feature will also set a credit limit depending on the total folio balance, in addition to an unlimited credit allowance.

And a bunch of other advantages, which cannot be listed here. Explore them and other features of eZee FrontDesk, and make the most of eZee's on-premise hotel management system.

All Your Accounting Transactions From One Place

By its very nature, hospitality operations are divided into individual departments of reservations, banquets, housekeeping, and myriad of other services. However, supervising your daily transactions and keeping a check on your resources is a cumbersome, but crucial task for your hotel's business.

Importance of accounting software

An accounting software is an essential tool whose utility ranges from managing financial transactions, paying taxes, accounting and payroll to trial balance. It includes more than just handling income and expenses. Suitably, employing an accounting software will increase efficiency since the use of less manual efforts, leading to minimal errors. Just so, with any eZee solution you take up, right from a PMS to even a POS software, we have ready interfaces with well-known accounting softwares, thereby reducing human dependency and automating all your crucial tasks revolving around expense management.

Thence, instead of appointing someone to perform your accounting work, get a software for your hotel which has a ready-made interface with a well-established accounting software. And even if you have some other preferences in your mind, we will promptly integrate that with our solutions.

Get a list of accounting software linked with eZee solutions here.

Marketing through eZee BurrP!: Expand Your Reach

Occasionally, you might have to adhere to certain means to obtain new and quality customers to your restaurant, and have your restaurant mark its presence in the market. These means may include everything from social media marketing to regular emails to your customers, and even attracting them through promotions and offers.

Restaurant Marketing with Email/SMS

This is where our POS's 'Restaurant Marketing' factor comes in. With Email & Notification module enabled in eZee BurrP!, you will be able to reach out to your guests with the means of promotional emails and SMSes engaging your guests in a whirlpool. Send them invitations, conduct feedback surveys, know their preferences, and cultivate a first-string relationship with them.

Moreover, this feature will assist you in marketing your restaurant's forte to your previous customers directly to the selected records of your guests. Schedule your promotions, offers, discount codes via emails and SMSes, or send them immediately to your customers right from the software.

Interesting and simple, isn't it? Have a look here.

When TripAdvisor Accidentally Disrupted Your Hotel's ROI

Getting included in business listings poses as one of the most effective inputs towards increasing your ROI, and widen your hotel's reach in local and international spheres. And TripAdvisor being a major one of them, it's obvious that even its minute fallout will result in a huge impact in your hotel's ROI.

Tripadvisor change affecting hotels' ROI

So when TripAdvisor switched to a secure server environment, it affected a hotel's ability to track traffic from the business listings, resulting in the traffic being included as Direct one by Google Analytics. Naturally, it created a havoc for the listed hotels. Of Course, TripAdvisor alerted the hotels immediately and began working on to solve the setback at the earliest. The solution which TripAdvisor came up with was to replace the links on your listing with special tagged links. And thus, you will be able to track your website traffic coming from TripAdvisor, making it once again easier for you to measure your output and plan your strategy for business listings.

The primary thing to note here, is a minor change on TripAdvisor's part had the ability to alter the course of any hotel's Google Analytics. At times like these, it's a must for a hotelier to know what effect a business listing change may bring to your website traffic as well as to your hotel's yield.

Remain updated with such industry insights and more with us right from your social media accounts.

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered

What makes a successful trip is when it exceeds all your expectations and lays another memorable milestone in your memory for time to come. So, when we eZeeites left for a 2-day picnic, bearing in mind the troubles we might face, we made sure not to forget our users, who trusted on us and made it possible.

picnic blog/email/case study

Our picnic destination - Hill Zill Resort in Bordi, was truly a part of nature's abode. Aware of the hurdles we might face on account of the resort's far-off location; we were prepped with a bunch of back-up plans to keep our 24x7 support running. And we did it. Against all odds, our team managed to surpass the blockades and gave an excellent support service. Such that, our users could not differentiate in our support given from hundreds of kms away.

Fascinated by our service and dedicated efforts for our users, the resort's owner found himself asking for our product demonstrations. Such was our charm, that he went on to adapt eZee solutions for his resort. The key takeaway of this incident was that, despite something completely informal and several surmounting troubles, we managed to win over hearts with our top-notch service.

Why don't you read the whole story here?

And Now Philippines Has Our BIR Accredited PMSes

Considering the needs of our diverse users spread world-wide, eZee is the forerunner in developing with the constantly changing hospitality industry. In that event, when the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) published a discount rule for senior and PWD citizens in Philippines, eZee went on to customize its solutions as suited for BIR rules.

Philippines Has Our BIR Accredited PMS

Beginning with restaurants, a few months ago, we launched our BIR-accredited eZee BurrP! point-of-sale software. Following the dire need of the same for hotels, we put forth our BIR-accredited PMS for our users in Philippines. eZee Absolute and eZee FrontDesk, now compliant with BIR guidelines will come pre-configured to calculate taxes accurately, automatically compute your hotel sales and revenue while producing tax reports, bills and receipts that fully conform to the BIR mandate. The launch of BIR certified eZee solutions is a welcome development for hospitality industry in Philippines.

Instead of having to levy a discount every time a senior or PWD citizen arrives at your hotel, why not chose the software which functions adhering to the BIR guidelines. Check-out our BIR accredited solutions and get a live demo here.

Welcoming Our Partners Once More

With technology making global communication instant with text, voice and video, personal interaction still reserves its place as an impacting medium that's difficult to replace. A person to person meeting helps bring about and maintain trust and relationship which are pivotal in nurturing successful long term partnerships.

reseller visit

Upholding such traditions, eZee's Surat office arranged a hearty welcome for its channel partners: Mr. Yuki Fujishima from Calton Management, Japan with Mr. John Park, Mr. Seo Won Geun and Ms. Lee Heewon from BIT Consulting, South Korea, Mr. Nigel Miranda from EPenh Co. Ltd, Cambodia and Mr. Zeeshan Jafri from Novotech Digital, India.

During their fruitful stay, our partners acquired comprehensive product training and familiarized with eZee's work practices and procedures to understand eZee's pursuit of delivering outstanding products and services to its users.

Learn more about our robust eZee channel partner program. Or if you want to visit us, drop in a mail here, and meanwhile, know how to reach Surat ASAP.

Time To Go Green

When electricity is a must for every little thing you do, eZeeites celebrated a Green Saturday in office by switching off all lights, fans and AC for a time period of 4 hours. The idea was a huge success, and we look forward to more of such initiatives for 'Save Earth' movements.


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