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Giddy up for eZee Absolute's mobile version!

Ever wished how easy it would be if your favourite PMS supported a wide range of devices? And with the increasing number of mobile users and their burgeoning needs, our developers have taken up the task to put up a mobile-friendly version of eZee Absolute.

eZee Absolute Mobile and Tablet

Owing to this upcoming update, our current users will be able to access the PMS right from their mobile devices without any hassles screen adjustments.

What's there to look forward to:

  • Simple and lightweight interface
  • Easy navigation
  • An up-to-date and crisp design
  • On-the-go accessibility from anywhere
  • Easy flow of operation
  • Support of wide-ranged devices and platforms

Stay tuned with our upcoming updates right from here.

eZee logo Vrooooms in style

New ideas are a way to enhance the reality and transmit a message that binds people together. Our partners, being a core part of our success are always on the run with fresh ideas to encourage eZee's brand name wherever they go.

eZee logo in car

Adopting a creative approach, two of our partners from Botswana - Client First Consulting Pty. Ltd. and Macedonia - Hospitality Management Systems - Jonex, encouraged brand building by imprinting eZee poster on cars and promoting it by generating a curiosity factor on the road. The campaign grabbed eyeballs and managed to stir things up in a positive way.

The initiative our partners undertook turned out to be an exemplary marketing and branding exercise in their region. The primary agenda of this branding was to familiarize localites about eZee solutions and let them avail the myriad of benefits. With new ideas coming up every now and then, this initiative of car branding was definitely refreshing.

Check out the benefits of our partner programs and have a look at the success stories.

Introducing Jio Money integration with eZee NextGen

Making and accepting payments is always a risky business. And especially when you know the setbacks of the modes you use. Surpassing these risks, eZee NextGen has successfully integrated with a new payment mode of Jio Money, exclusively for Indian users. Offering a platform for secure digital payments on the go, Jio Money wallet is the best-in-class digital payment service.

Jio Money Billing integration

On account of the latest addition, the hoteliers and restaurateurs in India can either opt for a Jio Pay device or simply go for Jio Money digital transactions to collect secure payments. Jio Money, a semi-closed prepaid wallet, which aims to enable and simplify mobile transactions is a recently launched application. Your guests will be able to store the money and purchase goods using that right from their smartphones as and when required.

Aiming to provide a secure payment mode, this integration will enable prompt payments and hence upsurge guest experience.

Have a look at our existing payment gateway integrations here. Drop us an email to have your preferred gateway added.

eZee breaks all records in client satisfaction

Businesses exist to provide a service that clients need, and most of the times, upholding a happy and satisfied client is more important than acquiring a new client every day. And one way to ensure a successful business is by surpassing client expectations. Client satisfaction is therefore the difference between thriving and surviving - and the modern day environment makes this more important than ever.

Rio Olympics Feedback

Following a client-first approach since it's inception, eZee has always strived to offer the best service to all users. Thence, a client feedback plays a significant role in the constant upgrade of our products and their development. And so, with the agenda of initiating social engagement with our users, we started connecting with them through Facebook. Acquiring an amazing number of overwhelming feedbacks, we ensured our hold on imparting excellent services.

With so many accolades coming our way, we are confident that we have already sowed the seeds of long term association with our valuable clients.

You can find golden testimonies of ultimate client satisfaction here.

Access your reports on the go with eZee iReport

With the constant presence of mobile users among eZee's diversified clientele, eZee always intends to meet the growing demands of it's users. Adding to the plenitude of existing features, our users will be able to reap the benefits of eZee iReport, a mobile application synced with eZee NextGen.

eZee iReport

Keeping a tab on all your back office tasks, such as billing and accounts, is highly essential to assess the overall business performance of an establishment.

The application will provide a vast range of managerial reports along with a print and share option. Additionally, know about the top and least selling item for multiple outlets in case of eZee BurrP!. Or even get the summary report on an hourly basis! Whereas, eZee FrontDesk users will be able to see a quick view of daily statistical reports containing the crucial details of payment summary, rooms occupied, housekeeping status, and much more.

And with several more options, users will be able to generate personalized reports in an instant. Explore more features of eZee iReport here.

Revenue Management made easier with eZee FrontDesk desktop PMS

Undoubtedly, hospitality industry invites cut throat competition and perfection. Therefore, to generate maximum profit, hoteliers need to have a hands-on pricing strategy. In short, you should update the right room rate at right time as per the occupancy.

Yield Management

Yield Management module in eZee FrontDesk allows you to regulate customized rates based on your hotel's occupancy level. Managing hotel yield helps you optimize room occupancy and price availability. Data analysis and predictions of market demand in your business environment too help you make informed decision. You can create rates slabs and then apply on certain room types to set tariff.

For example, you can set up two different rates, one when your hotel is at 60% occupancy and another rate for 80% occupancy. The system will automatically update the rate as the hotel reaches the occupancy level. If none of the conditions are met, the hotel will stay at the default rate level.

Check out complete Revenue Management here.

Make reports & update rates the way you want! Just like that

Getting ahead of planning and being well-informed with statistics has been a challenge for hotel management staff. To make it easier, we bring all new Report & Rate Update Module in eZee Absolute cloud PMS, eZee Reservation Booking Engine and eZee Centrix Channel Manager. Get rid of paperwork and manual daily reports with latest one touch update and reporting module.

mobile report

No matter how much tedious the reports generation is, it has to be error-free. However, with our new Report & Rate Update Module, your daily as well as monthly reports will be generated in just one click. You could also generate customized reports to include guest information, payment summary, reservations of past 30 days, arrival list, and more that suit your requirements.

While using eZee Centrix Channel Manager, you can push changed rates instantly using the option of Quick Update. From your smartphone, you can monitor your property's online sales, modify and update hotel rates and even stop the sale of your live inventory on all connected channels. Try Mobile Channel Manager for free here.

The complete package of all-in-one solutions is now available for free with eZee Ultimate: free-to-use suite of hotel software. Start now at no cost!

Send your Government Statistical Report in a jiffy

Recently government of Panama introduced a new stipulation for hotelier to send Government Statistical Report. This monthly report would include the number of national and international guests who arrived at their property. Encompassing complete statistical data of month, it will have day wise display, check-in count with bifurcation of national and international guest, check-out count, and occupied rooms count.

panama monthly Government Statistics Report

Considering the urgent need, just like our earlier efforts done for Iceland based hoteliers, eZee Absolute was incorporated with a feature that will allow the hotelier to generate and submit this statistical report on time. Effortless to the core, the hotelier can send this report directly to the portal from the PMS with the help of just few clicks.

At eZee, we acknowledge the timely needs of our clients while walking hand in hand with the ever-demanding trends of the industry. Opt for a FREE TRIAL and see yourself.


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