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eZeeites set the stage on fire at 11th Annual General Meeting

To cement the relationship among all eZeeites, we came forward to organize the 11th Annual General Meeting of eZee Technosys. On 22nd October, the once-in-a-year event kicked off in Surat and all eZeeites were charged up to rock the event with their unceasing energy.

eZee Annual General Meeting

All the teams were excited to stand in front of the lively audience and proudly acknowledge the milestones they achieved in the past year, along with their plans of the upcoming year. The primary agenda was communication between minds, while the employee interaction and involvement has always been our foremost priority when it comes to foster workplace relationships.

The CEO, CTO and MD of eZee together with representatives from all departments poured in some of the finest share of their knowledge, that fueled the driving potential of eZeeites. Discussions on vital difference between ethical change and improvement, importance of innovation and dedication in goal achievement; growth-hacking, successes and drawbacks, new ventures and initiatives, and shots of pure wisdom, and more on the rocks!

We had thrilling fun, entertainment, laughter and all the talks that make a perfect annual gathering. All in all, the event became a significant step in advancing towards making eZee a more amazing organization.

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Yay! Get started with eZee Absolute's mobile app

You know how important it is, to walk in pace with the ever budding and competitive world of technology. eZee too, keeps up with the continually increasing demands of mobile apps for their valued users.

eZee Absolute's mobile app

In line with our updates of previous month, eZee has successfully launched the eZee Absolute mobile application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. The application aims to ease and quicken the operations of all kinds of extensive users of eZee Absolute web-version.

Fast navigation, light-weight interface, and anywhere accessibility are the major plus points of the application. Enabled with all kinds of complex front-desk operations, the app ensures rapid functioning and flawless connectivity for all types of property owners. For a hotel to be truly successful and to keep that success constant is matter of adapting the right trends at the right time and keeping up with the ever-changing guest expectations. For that, lightning fast operations and swift hassle-free billing holds an essential part in rendering ultimate guest experience.

Download it from Google Play and Apple App Store now.

Explore the extensive features of the app and get your hands on it right now!

Implementation, onboarding and deployment: rest assured, we take care of everything!

After hoteliers find our solutions suitable to be installed at their properties, a de-facto exercise that we follow is onboarding. We make it simple for our clients to start using our software right away.


Finding a just right software that addresses business requirements, the next critical step is implementing that software to run those operations for hoteliers.

eZee solution users can rely on us to complete a successful implementation for them. We streamline the release process, collect all implementation details beforehand, make initial setup, systematically deploy, install and configure the software. All the while, we provide unparalleled training to everyone who is going to use the software.

Last month, eZee engineers went around the world on a comprehensive endeavor, to implement hotel solutions at numerous properties. Some are listed here, read for yourself!

Hotel Royal Palace India eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP!, eZee Reservation
Govardhan Ecovillage India eZee FrontDesk
White Harp Inn, Plumeria Resorts, Dhigufaru Island Resort, Wild and Wood, and ChocoBerry Restaurant Maldives eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP!, eZee Reservation, eZee Centrix
Danggerek Serviced Apartment and others Brunei eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP!
Noubou International Hotel Cameroon eZee FrontDesk, eZee BurrP!, eZee Reservation
Hotel Orange International India eZee Reservation, eZee Centrix
Sea Paradise Thailand eZee FrontDesk

We take pride in our excellent services, contact us for anything you want to know about hotel software.

Reach out to eZee On-boarding team for your onsite implementation requests.

Introducing Price Widget feature. And myriad of other elements!

In the IT industry, product maintenance holds an equal importance as its development. Therefore, from time to time, eZee works on strengthening the assets and eliminating the setbacks in the products.


Equivalently, eZee Reservation had a flock of new features and enhanced modules included in it's new version update. The major enhancements are:

  • Charge your Booking.com guests via 3G DirectPay: Especially for your guests who make their booking from Booking.com, charge them on their credit cards directly through 3G Direct Pay payment gateway.
  • 'Save for Later': This will help your guests continue the booking process from where they left off. Send a link on the email address your guest enters, which will help them continue with their booking later at their convenient time.
    Note: This feature is available only with the Responsive UI of eZee Reservation.
  • Price Widget: Display your room rates on your booking page from your connected OTAs like Make my trip, Expedia, Agoda, ClearTrip and Goibibo. As a result, let your guests compare your room rates and further urge them to make a direct booking easily.

Explore these features in detail and make the most of our extensive booking engine. Contact us for more details on update.

Internally the same, externally with a change

Using a system with the same user-interface gets monotonous for all kinds of users. One must get hands on such a system, which not only updates its features and modules, but also gives timely upgrades to look and feel.


eZee continually strives to give the best products and first-rate services for users. Replacing the previous look of our cloud PMS, and aiming to give it a new face and feel, we had enhanced the UI of listing pages of eZee Absolute front-office in the last version upgrade. Continuing with the process in the most recent one, we gave an uplift to the whole of eZee Absolute front-office. The primary agenda behind the UI update was to give a crisp experience to users and offer them an unparalleled experience.

The fresh interface along with the feathery design, leads to improved navigation, user-friendly touch and thereby an ultimate user experience.

Unlock the benefits of the new UI here.

eZee FrontDesk with eZee Reservation: New synchronization levels are in

Synchronization between two different systems holds considerable significance in the life cycle of a strong integration. And especially, when you are employing a desktop-based PMS combined with an online booking engine and channel manager, you should ensure that both the systems are up and running on the most recent versions in up-to-date harmony.


We at eZee continuously keep working to keep up in pace with the ever-changing demands of the hospitality industry. Be it hardware updates, or module enhancements, we're constantly on the move with anything new that comes up in the industry. And so, this time, we have come up with a secure and updated version from 2.0 to 3.0 of eZee FrontDesk and eZee Reservation interface, better known to you as WIRU-WRD. Promising to be finer and efficient, the new version of the interface is going to be secure and optimized in every aspect.

Push your direct and channel bookings faster from the booking engine and channel manager respectively in the PMS.

Come up-front at our live 24x7 support, and ask for your interface version to be upgraded. And our support engineers will upgrade your WIRU-WRD version quickly.

Artificial Intelligence in hotel industry: are machines taking over?

When you walk up to the hotel front desk, a pleasant sound and smile welcome you and check you in with a mechanical 'hello' in a language that YOU speak. Did you notice something? You just spoke to a robot, right there at hotel front desk!


Well, the days are not far where you'd be greeted by machines whenever you land up at a hotel. The world is going head over heels for machines and robots, as they are harbinger of the upcoming machine age. Even hospitality industry appears to be fascinated by the promise of automation.

More than 60% of travellers welcome robots at hotel check-in desks or info tables, machines for room service, or robots as hotel porters, waiters.

However, people not just want humans to be replaced with machines. They'd prefer is the machine is accompanied by a real human too. Therefore, wise decision would be employing a robot that takes care of check-ins and check-outs along with that lady at your reception that warmly smiles at guests.

Embedded systems that automate tasks and operations usually performed by humans are expected to provide seamless guest experience. The changing workforce of modern times can save a part of labor costs. The sophisticated machines robotically perform and optimize the operations as compared to human counterparts.

Artificial Intelligence in hotel industry is claiming sheer strong footprints, which is expected to soon take over most manual operations.

Leverage your hotel performance using technology. We offer the best of it, see for yourself.

Track with ease: latest Order Tracking Module in our Restaurant POS

When there are plenty of orders running in progress at your restaurant, keeping an eye on order preparations and fulfilment becomes an inevitable task. For easy regulation of these scenarios and tasks, we have introduced 'Order Tracking System' in eZee BurrP! restaurant point-of-sale software.


This feature will track all orders placed, be it Dine-In, Take Away, or Delivery and you get to know the time lapsed since the order has been given. You will even get a notification for delay in order preparation through color indications and several other means.

Whereas for Delivery order types, you can combine all orders to be delivered in the same area, see in case if any ordered is delayed or missed. All in all, you can efficiently manage them. The system even prompts you about the time passed since the driver went out for delivery. It will track the status for all order types configured in your point-of-sale, thereby helping you to supervise your orders easily and focus on improving your guest's experience.

Best thing, you get to see and manage running status of all orders on one single screen, even search for a specific order right from there!

Our stunning restaurant POS makes it simple for you. Sign up now for a free trial!

For partners: We greet them, participate in events together and a lot more

Meetings and face-to-face interactions withhold a significant section of a successful and long-lasting partnership. And eZee follows the belief of upholding fruitful partnerships with a win-win situation on both ends.


Just lately, we were privileged to roll out a red carpet for our partner. We welcomed the Managing Partner of FocusiN Solutions, Mr. G. Mohan Prasad at our head-office in Surat. This gathering fostered the attitude of providing the best of hospitality technology from both the sides.

Alongside this, our partners in South Korea participated in the international exhibition Hotel & Restaurant Fair (HOREX) 2016 at Seoul last month. We believe in grabbing all the opportunities to connect with hospitality software users and build and strengthen our network with them to provide advanced technology. The exhibition witnessed entry from hundreds of visitants. We presented all-in-one eZee hospitality solutions at the event, and we received a generous response from the visitors from Korean hospitality industry, leading to new bonds being formed.

You want to experience the magic of eZee Solutions? Try for yourself. It's free!


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