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A Step Into The Mobile World

Time and again, you look out to get your hands on anything new that has come in the market. And why not! With the changing world, you ought to be highly versed with the millennial trends.


To that end, when we announced the launch of eZee Absolute app for Android and iOS users, we knew we were onto something extraordinary and ground-breaking. Being the first ones to launch PMS on mobile, and that too the simplest one of it's kind, eZee was all set to welcome any feedbacks. However, hundreds of hoteliers from around the world came in to get their hands on the app immediately after its release.

"It is PMS on the go. A great answer to anyone who is running boutique hotel or mid-sized hotel. Do not worry about front desk making any mistake. You'll be able to monitor all activities of hotel remotely with accurate reports. You can levy extra charges, check-in guest and allocate room from anywhere. The user interface is minimal and simplistic, and the navigation is effortless. The fonts and color combinations are intuitive. I can say that you won't even need a computer for front-desk anymore", one of the users commented.

We're brainstorming, evolving and ready to take on the world with our innovation and ideas, and such feedbacks day by day is what keeps us motivated.

Get your hands on the app right now! And let us know what you think of it.

The Wonders Of Our Booking Engine

Whenever you take up on something new, your mind naturally gets filled with doubts and second thoughts on that investment, however small or big it may be.And similarly, when our users went for our responsive booking engine, they trusted us with their direct bookings and took a chance.

Responsive BE

Improving user experience has always been the core focus in our bright-eyed mind set and unconventional thought process. Good system, pleasing design and ultimately exceptional booking experience, that pretty much sums up an ideal booking engine. With fresh UI, came an alternative to use the booking engine in any kind of device. And subsequently, with expanded area of accessibility, our users received an average of 40 percent rise in direct bookings. That's right! 40 percent more commission free bookings leading to a substantial boost in revenue along with a hefty progress in guest experience.

We planned to develop something which is best fit for any kind of hotel, surpassing the international industry standards. And now looking at the outcome, we proudly say that we chose the right path.

Know the perks of our booking engine and avail the benefits of it ASAP!

Calls From Food & Hotel Penang 2016

When you run a business, you have to look out for opportunities coming from any direction. Be it exhibitions, meets or some B2B events; you should know what to look for, and how to interact with the people you meet there.

Hotel Penang

And this time, our regional office team from Malaysia participated in the Food and Hotel Penang, 2016 from 15-17 November held in Penang, Malaysia. An impressive count of 240 companies from around 30 countries went on to be a part of the event. Additionally, the concurrent events included international exhibition of food, drinks, hotel, restaurant and a bunch other additions.

eZee Malaysia presented the range of our cutting edge solutions to the visitants of the event, and thereby received an amazing response from those concerned with hospitality industry. eZee never fails to look out for opportunities which lead to improved user experience for everyone in the industry.

Connect with us on Facebook and Google Plus, and stay updated with our participation in such events frequently.

What Can Set Apart Your Hotel

Claiming to be different than your competitors and proving the same takes up abundant efforts and dedication to achieve the goal. And especially when you belong to an industry as competitive and evolving as hospitality, you have to be on your toes to grab your spot in the market.


So, we're listing out some tips on how to differentiate your hotel from others:

  • Awesome hotel website: Allure your guests with attractive visual content highlighting your hotel's location and specialties.
  • Promotional deals and offers: Attract them with the right deals and promotional offers which they can utilize during their stay.
  • Reward program for loyal guests: Surprise your loyal guests by providing them an exclusive offers or even some complimentary gifts.
  • Business listings: Gauge where you may get more bookers. For example, if you are a hostel, get listings on corresponding websites and such.
  • Social Media Engagement: Engage and interact with your guests on social media platforms to give it a personal touch.
  • Online Reputation management: Build a brand name on the review management platforms and boost your hotel with positive reviews.

Some other additions include:

  • Get your own hotel app
  • Make booking easy
  • Be accessible

And we have a lot more in store for you. Come on, try any of these and let us know how it worked out!

We're always coming up with fresh and crisp ideas for you to get started with. Check out our blogs. We're sure there will be something handy for you.

Your Knight In Shining Armor: Yield Management

Searching for and adapting to the right solutions for your hotel over a period of time becomes a task of much needed research and strategizing. And you know you have chosen an apt solution when you can see the result right in front of your eyes.


And among the myriad of benefits listed, if one of them is 'selling the right room at the right price and at the right time', you're in for some big-time winnings. Letting you set your room rates as per your occupancy levels, our Yield Management tool is an ideal one to manage revenue during festive seasons as well as other high-occupancy time periods.

Similarly, during the festive season of Diwali in India; our Yield Management tool users experienced a significant rise in their Average Daily Rate from 22 to 72 percent. ADR or Average Daily Rate represents the average rental income per paid occupied room in a given time period, and poses as one of the foundations for any hotel's financial performance.

Not just this, our varied tools can help you in boosting your revenue, focus on guest services and a lot more.

Explore what Yield Management can do for you here.

Introducing New Payment Gateways

When it comes to payment processes, everyone becomes extra cautious. All details and back-ups are looked well into, and only then one moves ahead with the chosen way to make a payment.

Payment Gateways

Time and again, eZee receives requests to integrate it's solutions with different payment gateways from all around the world. And this time too, in addition to the already existing myriad of other payment gateways, eZee NextGen has successfully integrated with two new payment gateways specifically for our users in Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Integration with geIdea and bPoint will now help users in making secure and faster payments online in Saudi Arabia and Australia respectively. Our constant aim is to ensure that our users face no trouble in working with our systems and thereby, experience ultimate satisfaction with us.

Check out the list of our existing payment gateway integrations here.
And other third party interfaces here.

eZee Solutions: Helping You Meet Your Guests' Demands

Every guest who arrives at your door-step, brings along with him a bunch of expectations from your hotel and services. And to meet all of those multiplying and versatile demands is truly a challenge.

expectations of High-end travellers

Say, you want to be quick in providing services and you don't want your guest to come down at your front-desk for every petty thing. Because that will ultimately lead to a dissatisfied customer. Or say, a guest's check-in time is not certain; and he would prefer if your hotel has a facility of self check-in kiosk. Or say, your hotel generally gets guests who are mobile users. Wouldn't you prefer to update them with your services and their payments right on their smart-phones?

Well, the list is endless. And at such times, you realise the importance of choosing those solutions which not only help you administer your hotel efficiently, but smoothly meet all these and several other demands of your guests.

And for that, eZee offers a complete package of hospitality solutions, including mobile guest service portal, self check-in kiosk, and even a customer feedback system.

Know what more do we have to offer here.
Write to us about your requirements and we'll get back to you with the best possible solution.

eZee Blooms In An Exhibition In Cambodia

Every now and then, we make it our aim to pick out the right opportunity to reach out to our partners as well as their market regions. We participate in events, we analyze and we strategize on expanding eZee's reach towards each direction.

exhibition in Cambodia

Besides that, it's a must for one in the IT industry be in line with the technological trends of the sector. And this time, our partners from Cambodia, EPenh Co. Ltd. represented eZee and it's pioneer assortment of hospitality solutions and services to the visitants and experts of hospitality sphere in the CamFood'16 & CamHotel'16 from 20-22nd October organized in Cambodia.

The event is claimed to be the biggest International Food & Drinks Exhibition as well as a Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Food Service Supplies Show. Also the largest event for the hospitality industry in Cambodia, the exhibition welcomed heaps of industry professionals and experts. Our partners received an overwhelming response from the visitors with our solutions reaching more and more number of hoteliers and restaurateurs.

There are loads of benefits on being our partners. We meet, we greet and we have fun!
Discover the booming ins and outs of our partnership program here.
Or more better, be a partner!

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