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You Plan, You Execute & You Rock!

With the dawn of a new year, you get all wired up to welcome untrodden challenges, take up crisp ideas, and get excited for the fresh plans to work on. All this to widen your guest range and render world-class guest experience. So, get your notepads ready and start strategizing on how to expand and progress in the new year.

2017 success plan for hoteliers

In that event, we're here with some insights to help you decide on your prime focus of this year:

  • Distribution : When you have your inventory distributed at the right place, at the right time; you are all set to get a boost in your bookings. And getting direct bookings is the secret to impart excellent guest services these days.
  • Pricing : Not just inventory distribution, but enlisting your inventory at the right price, depending upon your hotel's occupancy level will give a hike to your revenue through smart planning.
  • Guest : Offering your guests an exceptional and out of the ordinary experience during their stay in your hotel is the most favored way to expand your guest list and business. Provide them with something completely different than the market and make it a memorable time for them.

We are always up with new tips and tricks to help you upsurge your revenue and guide you on the industry insights at regular time intervals. Check out our tips for you to differentiate your hotel from others here.

Design: The Salient Player

When you intend to stand out from others in your industry, you choose an aspect which gets you the utmost attention in the most innovative way possible. And that's where a great design comes in.

Design: The Salient Player

Design, which forms the first impression of your brand on any outsider; will give you a chance to present yourself in an eye-catching manner. And influence the looker in a mere first few seconds of interaction.

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent." - Joe Sparano

Great design does not need to shout. Eventually, it solely relies on the concept used and it's strengths to compete against others in the market. Great design is important because it instantly clarifies the offerings and pitch it's distinct element. Great design explains the 'how' of a situation, rather than the 'what'. For that reason, once you have managed to get attention of a looker, your business is meant to get new prospects.

Great design brings in a fresh lookout to even the most mundane concept. And this is what makes you one-of-a-kind in a world full of common ideas. An integral part of marketing, design; whether employed in web, graphics or product will nudge you towards the idea of originality and novelty in the market.

You can find an example of our exemplary design here.

Mobile First Index: How It Affects Hotel Websites

As the number of mobile users increases day by day, you realise that you have to be versed with the trends that are driving your industry towards breakthrough moments. And now, when approximately one-third of the world is shifting to the mobile-era; you have to ensure that your website visitors, be it from any kind of device; have a flawless experience.

The Power Of Mobile SEO

Owing to this; Google surveyed, researched and came up with a new concept of 'Mobile-first indexing'. Which will ensure that the ranking system that currently looks at the desktop versions of a website, will now primarily consider mobile version of a website to rank it in search results.

"Websites promote you 24x7. No employee will do that."

In a nutshell, Google will consider what does your website look like when viewed from a mobile device in order to rank it in results. The system will bring those web pages higher in search results that provide most useful content and superior user experience on mobile devices. Owing to this, Google is introducing latest ranking system that is mobile-friendly and is mindful of content that performs better on smaller screens. The mobile-optimized web pages are indexed and used for displaying search results for both mobile and desktop users.

At such times, if your website is already well optimized for search engines, then making some additional changes is all you need to think about when optimizing for mobile. Well, if you don't have a mobile-optimized website yet, get one ASAP.

Delve into the plenitude of information we have on this in our exclusive blog here.

eZee BurrP! On Par With Happy Hours

The notion of Happy Hours in restaurants is the most agreeable yet twisted tactic to get customers in off peak hours of the day. Or, attract a potential working class meet-up at restaurants, in the end, leading to raised number of customers and revenue.

Happy Hours

Taking into account the upfront need of restaurants to offer discounts and offers in offpeak hours; we developed a new feature of Happy Hours in eZee BurrP!, our point-of-sale software. This feature will let you configure your Happy Hour offers in the system and will automatically set-off once the time period begins. As a result, this new development will minimize your concerns of being updated with the number of Happy Hour customers you receive and allow you to focus on rendering an effective service.

Summarily, this addition will let you manage your restaurant and your guests in your Happy Hours effortlessly and help you get a hike in your customers and eventually, referrals.

We're always up and running with additions of new features and enhancements in our products. Explore the features of eZee BurrP!.

How Rankings Correspond To Reviews

In the world full of competitive mindsets booming with something new every other day; what matters the most is how you present yourself, your services and specialties to the market. And how your users put their experiences to the rest of your target audience; summarily, in the form of reviews.


Reviews pose as a paramount factor of your hotel's development in the market and help your guests figure out the standard of your services and the experience you provide. The reviews you receive on several platforms play the role of decision makers for your guests and eventually give a boost to your industry rankings and bookings. That's why getting reviews, and positive ones in that note hold a significant importance to your value and spot in the market.

And the most beneficial means to increase your reviews is to impart exceptional services to your guests, offer them an unforgettable experience with you, and ultimately be true to your word and give them exactly what they have expected from you. Reviews define your exclusive traits and give a face to your brand, through which your guests will determine the course of their stay at your property.

In a nutshell, reviews are directly proportional to your rankings and conclusively your bookings. We are TripConnect Premium Partners, and you can easily receive bookings from your TripAdvisor listing and get reviews right from your website. Know more about how this works here.

Buddying Up With Repup

As an organization walks on the trajectory of development year over year, business expansion and long-lasting partnerships are an imperative part of it's plans. You get associated with those enterprises with whom your visions and strategies match.


Catching up with the significance of online reputation management these days, especially in the hospitality industry; eZee has joined hands with Repup - a Reputation Management organization. Offering an efficient and robust online reputation management software, it takes care of the review and response management of a hotel and it's strategies step-by-step.

With it's experts giving you a complete guide to market hotels, Repup functions from Gurgaon, India. Bringing in all your online reviews from separate platforms at one single place; Repup will also let you respond instantly to your reviews, create surveys to get more reviews, boost your direct bookings as well as analyze your competitor's behaviour and track their performance.

This association will help both the organizations in expanding their clientele in the industry and establish a firm brand-name. In the upcoming times, eZee aims to widen it's horizon in the hospitality industry and looks forward to expand fervently with such influential partnerships.

Discover the benefits of our extensive partner program and avail the perks by being our partner.

Warm Up Your eWallet Accounts

As the demonetization drive remains fixated in the Indian sub-continent, the world now strongly acknowledges the gist of cashless transactions. The emphasis on going cashless proves it's convenience and security to the ordinary as well as supreme citizens.


Apart from easy accessibility, cashless transactions render customary discounts at the time of payments and give you a sense of security because of the use of mandatory login credentials of your bank or e-wallet accounts. Thence, the e-wallet offering companies can make the most of times like these by giving customers a chance to perform smooth payments and at the close, cashless transactions.

In that event, we got ready with Paytm Wallet integration with our booking engine eZee Reservation to render effortless cashless transactions while performing payments for bookings. With this integration, you will also be able to share an online payment link with your guests while taking an offline booking, consequently making it an uninterrupted process.

Our booking engine has the most useful features for your hotel, which will upsurge your direct bookings; thus being in line with the latest updates in the economy and industry. Know how smooth the booking process is, with our booking engine here.

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