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Welcoming The New CTO

In the end of last month, eZee witnessed the co-founder and CTO Vipul Kapoor passing his legacy to Harshdeep Khatri; as the new CTO.

CTO Announcement

'A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.' - John C. Maxwell

A part of the team since last 9 years, Harshdeep has been skillfully leading the dynamic technological frontiers in eZee. And under the guidance of a proficient leader like him, eZee is bound to reach the untouched levels of user-experience in the coming times.

Whereas, Vipul will be moving ahead towards business expansion while exploring the partnership avenues worldwide, and establish a connection between the hospitality industry and technology through effective communication and ensure efficient business management of the hoteliers by focusing on flawless product optimization.

Check out what other team members of eZee had to say along with the whole story here.

eZee Supports Digital India Movement

Aiming to transform the Indian sub-continent into a cashless economy, the government has evoked on promoting digitised dealings. That's why, currently, the wave of digital payments plays a major role in nationwide business endeavors.


'Digital India... the next thing for native businesses.'

The first step to get the idea running was to launch varied digital devices and apps to facilitate citizens with easy payment options. Following which, we made way to quick, secure and hassle-free measures to make payments. Playing our part in driving India towards digitization, eZee has set the process of offering digital payment methods in motion; through wallets, netbanking, credit cards and debit cards from our users across India. This paperless way gives a positive change in saving environment, and eliminates your physical presence at the banks, thus giving you more time to focus on your hotel's happenings.

eZee has always been a flexible part of the industry, adapting to the economical and technological trends of the world. You too can offer different ways to your guests to make payments. Know how to optimize hotel management with right payment systems here.

The CEO Speaks On eZee's Growth

eZee's CEO, Aeijaz Sodawala speaks out on his future plans for the company's progress, team growth and his approach towards the advancing competitors in the industry.

CEO Interview

'Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success'

To run an ambidextrous organization like eZee, all of it's team members have to be agile and open to work along new trends that the hospitality industry takes on. And where the team members and competitors are active, being it's CEO surely becomes a challenge in itself.

In a recent interview, Aeijaz talked about his team, sent a word for tech companies worldwide, cleared out his agendas for eZee in the coming time, and gave an overview on partnership arenas with eZee.

Read on the complete interview in detail here.

Hospitality Industry In India Gets Ready For GST

Recently, the Indian government approved the Goods & Service Tax bill, to eradicate all the indirect tax regimes in India, and merge them into a single one; leading to progressive change in the country's economy.


'Lower taxes mean a better economy for everybody.'

Following the 'One Nation, One Tax' notion, India selects a dual-GST model, such that the single tax will be administered by central as well as state governments, effective from 1st July, 2017. Pertaining to the Indian Hospitality Industry, a rate of 18% GST is finalized, subsuming state-imposed VAT and Luxury Taxes along with Service Tax levied by the central government; thereby giving a neutral to marginally positive effect on the whole sector. On the other hand, banquets will become considerably economical, following the overall course of GST.

Owing to this advancement, we have made our hospitality solutions GST ready. Whether it's an on-premise PMS, or cloud PMS or desktop-based restaurant POS software, our solutions are now GST compliant to cater to your needs of performing calculations of GST rates and levy the same on your guests accordingly with apt reports and invoices.

Check out our extensive analysis on the impact of GST on the Indian hospitality industry.

Note: This information is subject to the tax reforms employed by the Government of India.

Make Your Hotel Website Work Wonders

Just when you think that you're ahead of your competitors; one of them bags the title of having the most direct bookings; or that of getting the best hotel website, or something completely way out of your books. Here's how eZee plays a part in making you the finest hotel website amongst all in the industry.


'In Marketing, a website is the key to your entire business.'

Websites, in whatever way they can, hold a significant share in a hotel's revenue. Better the website, higher the number of direct bookings. Stronger the SEO, the more prominent your visibility on search engine rankings. Acknowledging the influence of websites, eZee offers development of free hotel website, domain and hosting services, as well as Digital Marketing services under eZee Ultimate - a complete hospitality technology platform at minimal cost. Following a thorough and effective process for you, we'll make sure that your website gets a considerable raise in visitors, and thence, direct bookings.

100s of websites made, 1000s of bookings received, and a sizeable increase in the revenue - that's the impact of eZee Ultimate on hoteliers uptil now. Dig into this hype of eZee Ultimate now and start availing the benefits.

Concentrating On 'How', Along With 'What'

"An impactful context always makes a meaningful content!"

Do you ensure that the facilities you offer to your guests is actually what they're looking for? Because, if they cannot find your services needful, they might turn their backs on you and knock the doors of your competitors.


'It's not just what you give, it's the way you give it.'

Similarly when you advertise your amenities and services to the world, you ought to keep these factors in mind. Say, platform or medium to be used and length of the marketing materials you sent out. But, when you decide your target audience, you must consider their needs and deliver them with exactly those services which they're looking for. "Best, deliver what is promised!"

Secondly, approach is very imperative part. Jot down stories or share experiences relating to guests who had stayed with you. Third, comes language, which must be simple and easy to understand to get the message across your guests.

An approach becomes successful only when you combine a perfect 'how' with an ideal 'what'. That's why, it's important on how you present your hotel's key features. eZee's cutting edge hospitality solutions will help you do just that and much more. Watch eZee's amazing feat of storytelling with eZee Ultimate.

Local Events: How Can They Work For You

Every now and then, your city must be hosting a couple of events, or trade fairs, or even exhibitions. Marketing your hotel at times like these; can avail high advantages for you.


'You've got to seize the opportunity, when it is presented to you.' - Clive Davis

Such events bring in people like businessmen, explorers, students along with media from around the world. Ergo, you can spread a word on several platforms to let people know about your hotel. Pitch in on your social media pages, offer attractive deals, send out emails to the probable guests or distribute flyers. Tying up with the event organizers can help you get a upper hand over your competitors in such cases.

In a nutshell, local events can play a crucial role in boosting your hotel's revenue, and thorough marketing can make you easily accessible for the visitors coming in.

Our solutions are developed to accommodate the dynamic pricing you wish to set for your hotel to make the most of occasions like these. Explore your options here.

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