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eZee Optimus Out In Its Beta Version

Just a couple of months ago, we announced the launch of eZee Optimus - our cloud based restaurant POS system. Thence, putting an end to your wait; the restaurant management solution is out as a beta version at 50% discount as an introductory offer.


'If you never try, you'll never know what it has.'

With a lightweight user interface, the POS software is simple enough to get started instantly. Automating the A-Z of restaurant operations, the system is suitable for all types of F&B businesses. Managing tables, multiple menus, billing transactions, reports and audits in addition to different order modes are engulfed in this beta version of eZee Optimus.

Register for our early bird offer right away and get 50% off on the cloud POS system. Check out more of eZee Optimus features here.

Treat Your Guests Like A Celebrity. Here's How!

Managing guests is strikingly similar to a stage production. It all begins with real action. To bring each scene to life, action kickoffs with a warm welcome of a guest (cast) at your hotel. The crew (hotel staff) with set design (hotel ambience) and technology is orchestrated in harmony without the slightest space for negligence.


'Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.'- Philip Green

While ensuring that each guest who comes at your doorstep is offered a memorable stay, you ought to deliver services which are in line with your brand's standards. A break-even point is a must, making certain that your guest's bubble space is not harmed and he is at ease. This is how you can manage guest experience with the help of technology:

In a nutshell, technology if applied with expertise can bring about significant sophistication in guest management. Manage all of these services in one shot in addition to plenitude of other features with eZee's comprehensive and free-to-use package of hospitality solutions.

eZee Product Sites Secured With HTTPS Protocol

Online frauds, thefts and cyber crimes are in limelight daily. Even big shot companies are not safe from such data heists. In order to secure your hotel and restaurant data from such unavoidable circumstances, we recently implemented a standardized version of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for eZee product application sites.

HTTP implement

'Security is not a product, but a process.' - Bruce Schneier

Whenever data is exchanged online between receiver and sender sites, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) TLS 1.2 is activated enabling encryption of the data. So, nobody can steal your data and misuse it from transmission line.

That's why we have taken up this approach for securing your data and ensuring safety of your operations. All our online product application sites are SSL enabled, rest assured that none of your sensitive and important information gets leaked. This initiative will further solidify and strengthen the trust between you and eZee.

All our cloud-based hospitality solutions are now secured with HTTPS. Give them a try to gain control on your hotel operations and enhance your efficiency.

Correlation Of Hotels And OTAs: Then And Now

Ever since the advent of internet in the hospitality industry, OTAs have played a major role in building the market share for hotels, and continue to strive so while bringing in more bookings and eventually giving a hike in revenue.


'Progress is impossible without change.'

The actual tussle between hotels and OTAs began in the 20th century when the guests acquired from OTAs proved to be quite expensive for the hoteliers. However, guests preferred to book from OTAs due to the attractive packages the OTAs put up.

Currently, 70% of the bookings are received online either through OTAs and hotel website bookings. Ergo, with time, the battle between OTAs and hotels has subdued on the grounds that they have a trade-off for business.

Hoteliers in the present day, are connected to legion of OTAs in order to boost their online presence. A channel manager at such times, will provide a one-stop supervision and help in streamlining the complete process of inventory distribution. Know about the must-have features of a channel manager and get started with a free trial of eZee's channel manager.

This Is How eZee Welcomed GST Roll Out

In a formal press meet on June 30; the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee announced the roll out of Goods and Service Tax (GST) restructuring and replacing the existing indirect tax structure from July 1. Currently burdened with tax over tax scenarios, GST will be a relief to businesses and give a boost to Indian economy.


'One Nation, One Tax.'- GST India

With this roll out, the hospitality industry too is at the forefront upgrading their technology with GST-compliant systems. Being agile in delivering up-to-date hospitality solutions, our developers quickly worked on to make our solutions GST-ready.

Notably, our on-premise PMS eZee FrontDesk, cloud PMS eZee Absolute and on-premise restaurant POS eZee BurrP! were upgraded with GST module to help you perform accurate tax calculations, file prompt returns, submit your reports to the government on a regular basis and more.

More than 240 users across India have already upgraded their eZee solutions with GST module.

Owing to the indispensable demand to keep up with newly implemented GST, hoteliers and restaurateurs like you need to get their hands on GST-compliant PMS and restaurant POS systems. Contact our sales team to enroll for GST-ready eZee solutions or to get your business in line with GST reforms.

Technology's Role In Your Hotel's Housekeeping

Nothing sends a stronger message than cleanliness in a hospitality business. No level of service, friendliness or glamour can equal the experience a guest has upon entering a spotless, tidy, and conveniently arranged room.


'Housekeeping ain't no joke.' - Louisa May Alcott

Over that fact, hoteliers like you should entertain the thought of harnessing technology for efficiently managing your housekeeping as well as hotel operations. A full-fledged PMS is all you need to optimize your housekeeping tasks. Here's what a PMS covers under housekeeping:

  • Dirty Rooms : Maintain a record of pending and finished tasks along with the inventory usage on housekeeping.
  • Assigning Tasks : Assign tasks to your staff and keep a check on the status of their tasks effortlessly.
  • Send Housekeeping Alerts : Send SMS notifications to your staff members to assign them extra tasks or remind them for pending ones.
  • Staff Payroll : Store payroll records for the housekeeping staff with accuracy. And much more.

A complete control over your housekeeping tasks will help you impart improved services and thereby boost the overall reputation of your hotel. Choose to perfectify even your most complex hotel operations besides housekeeping with either a cloud PMS eZee Absolute or an on-premise PMS eZee FrontDesk.

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