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One Step Further: eZee Sets Foot in Indonesia

Yeah, we've been on an expansion spree lately! And further exploring myriad of business opportunities in the sector and even South-east Asia, we strategically set-up a new regional office in Indonesia post a successful business stint in Malaysia.


'Our vision is to become a major provider of total hospitality solutions in ASEAN region in coming 3 years.' - Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO at eZee.

Discovering more trade potential in Southeast Asian Economic Corridor, we established our new branch in Indonesia with our local business partner Dion Satrio.

With a plan to invest in various identified yet untouched markets, we will be focusing on local requirements of the hospitality industry while building up a regional resource center. Having its tourism at its peak, Indonesia stands as a prominent market for the expansion of hospitality technology and the industry.

Do visit us in Indonesia at: JL. Kebo Iwa Utara 4X, Banjar Batu Kandik, Denpasar - Bali, Indonesia. Or call us on: +62-812-3828-1008. Get in touch with our Indonesia office and we can get you the best solutions to meet your requirements.

Brand New Extranet For Your Online Distribution Strategies

Often times, it becomes imperative to measure up to what the industry demands. And in answer to your requirements, we put forth this brand new extranet to help you simplify your inventory distribution operations.


'Simplified distribution operations with all new extranet.'

Our engineers contemplated the feedbacks of more than 700 hoteliers to figure out the most frequent channel manager operations, using which the dashboard of this new extranet is built. That's how it will help you aptly strategize your online distribution.

A notable feature of this extranet is the 'Data INNtelligence' which will inform you with vital insights on high performing channels, booking sources, ADR, periodical revenue and booking comparison, occupancy percentage, instant notifications on updates and a lot more.

Built on advanced framework and appealing design, the extranet offers modular features for boosting business revenue at global level.

Reach out to our sales team for more on this extranet. In the meantime, take a look at what our channel manager offers.

Refreshed Minds, Happy Souls: Our Annual Picnic 2017

Once in awhile amidst your hectic lives, your minds need a gateway to vent out stress and spruce up their pace. eZeeites too, went on a 2-day frolic at Pluz Resort, Silvassa for Annual Picnic.


'Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.' -Eileen Caddy

A convoy of 3 buses with eZeeites, departed from our Surat HQ for the venue on 22nd July. The journey began with exchanging our thoughts, enjoyment and cheerings. Swimming, DJ party and rain dance were fusioned with team building activities. Early next morning, yoga gave us a fresh start followed by some more adventure and pastime.

Meanwhile, the management appraised workaholics and most punctual team members over the last 6 months with certificates. Despite a bash and informal gathering, we continued with our 24x7 support for providing assistance to our users.

The picnic broke down the professional barriers between the team members, paving way towards rejuvenated mindsets, untouched ideas and long-lasting friendships. Connect with us on Facebook to stay updated with company news, industry insights and more.

New in eZee Optimus: Interface with eZee Absolute

With a launch of a new product, comes abounding list of requirements to be heard, features to be developed, integrations to be done and so much more. Similarly, after eZee Optimus' beta version, there came a need to interface it with a PMS.


'Customers require effective integration of technologies to simplify their workflow and boost efficiency.' -Anne M Mulcahy

Suitably, our developers put forth the interface between eZee Optimus and eZee Absolute, our online hotel PMS. The interface will facilitate room charges to be posted directly from the POS system to the PMS, helping you assimilate all charges and generate a complete bill at the time of your guest's check-out.

In a nutshell, this interface will quicken your overall billing process ensuring the best experience for your in-house guests.

Ideal for all types of F&B businesses, eZee's cloud POS gives your restaurant business a boost in overall performance. Sign up for eZee Optimus and save 50% on your cloud POS. Get eZee Optimus, now interfaced with eZee Absolute for your hotel.

Top 7 Reasons To Invest In Channel Manager

For any hotel, distributing your inventory at multiple platforms can seem appealing yet overwhelming. This is a daunting task if it were to be done manually. There is, however, the comfort of using a software to do all of this work. A channel manager, to be precise, is a tool that manages your presence and inventory on multiple channels.


'If front-desk software is heart of hotel to manage operations, channel manager is the brain that gets the rooms booked.'

But when it comes to investing in technology, one tends to be cautious. That made us come up with a list of reasons on why you should invest in a channel manager. What follows is a glimpse of the advantages of having one.

  • Avoid over-bookings and under-bookings to completely utilize your inventory.
  • Being efficient and saving the time and hassle spent on it.
  • Access to a larger number of platforms.

The culmination of all these advantages is, ultimately, having higher profitability and providing a richer guest experience. To get the full view of having a channel manager head over to this blog.

Day Stays: Use Them to Drive More Revenue

When it comes to accommodation services in a hotel, most of it work on the basis of night stays and charge accordingly. However, you might seldom come across guests who wish to stay with you only for a few hours, or on per day basis; which brings in revenue for your hotel.


'There is answer to minutest services coming from your hotel.'

Uptil now, we've observed that very often, the slot period from 10am to 2pm remains vacant in many hotels round the year. Now, you can charge a fraction of your tariff instead of a whole night's tariff for day stays. Over and above, varied guests like pilgrims, travelers and even businessmen prefer day stays when changing cities.

Thus, easier for your guests to stay with you, higher your revenue goes. Our on-premise PMS eZee FrontDesk and cloud PMS eZee Absolute can help you manage transactions related to day stay effortlessly. Let our sales team help you with this.

Send Source-level Updates From Your PMS

Developing a new interface requires a thorough understanding of the market trend dynamics, feasibility tests, use cases and worthwhile requirements. And as we surveyed our users, the need of applying source level updates on the connected channels from the PMS arose.


'To change something, build a new feature that makes the existing model an innovation.'

In that event, we developed an interface such that, if your PMS is connected with our channel manager, you'll be able to perform basic rate updates and stop sell at source level on the connected channels.

Previously, source-level updates had to be executed by logging into the channel manager and the PMS individually. However, with this interface between your PMS and our channel manager, you'll be able to do these updates right from the PMS itself, without having to log into the channel manager. In addition, these updates will be reflected in the channel manager too.

This interface will give you a one-stop for source level rate update and stop sell operations, summarily simplifying your operations. Get more details on this interface and how it can help you from our sales team.

Here's Why You Should Focus On Direct Bookings

Currently, direct as well as channel bookings are equally in demand. But, all things considered, commission free-direct bookings always tend to take the cake. So, you ought to think over the role of direct bookings in your hotel's revenue, and eventually fixate your efforts on them.


'Direct bookings reveal your hotel's goodwill.'

Here's how direct bookings can help you:

  • Packaged offering, elongated stays: Offer a combined package to guests booking directly which persuades your guest for a longer stay at your hotel.
  • Direct contact with guest: You have access to all details of visitors including their preferences which act as insights for upselling hotel services.
  • Pre and post stay promotion of hotel: Pre-arrival and post check-out notifications can be sent offering them stay benefits and special discounts for next visit.
  • Commission free bookings: Best part, you save on hefty commission and other expenses which can be diverted in enhancing hotel services.
  • Referrals: You can ask your direct bookers to recommend your hotel within their circle who are likely to visit the city.

Direct bookings pose as a big pie of profit gain for hoteliers these days; not to forget, they'll enhance your services. Focus on boosting your direct bookings and revenue with the help of eZee Reservation.

Meeting Regional Demands: eZee FrontDesk Ready for Oman

Every so often, government authorities take a call to regulate the hospitality and tourism industry to track daily influx of guests within the country. In similar lines, Royal Oman Police (ROP) put up a requirement for hoteliers to submit guest details on their portal.


'Value-added customizations are an answer to every convenience.'

Owing to this requirement, our experts developed an interface with the ROP portal to submit the guest details automatically from our eZee FrontDesk PMS. Following that, the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism certified our PMS stating it ready for interface with ROP Portal.

You'll be able to send guest details with number of checkouts in a day, occupancy level, daily check-ins, etc on a daily basis to the online ROP portal automatically from eZee FrontDesk, thus simplifying your day-to-day operations.

Over the years, we've always been inclined towards developing regional compliant features in our hospitality technology solutions. Try eZee FrontDesk today to avail the benefits of this interface and other value-added features.

Promotions Done The Right Way: TripAdvisor Review Express

Creating a credibility factor is the biggest challenge in hospitality's volatile market. Your potential guests rely on the reviews you've received before deciding on your hotel for a stay. TripAdvisor helps you do just that: build your reputation in the market through influential reviews.


'A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise.' -Joyce Carol Oates

Therein, TripAdvisor Review Express brought in by TripAdvisor, is a review collection platform from guests who recently checked-out from your hotel. Once you enroll in this program, our PMS will automatically send your checked-out guest details to TripAdvisor, using which TripAdvisor will ask them to review your hotel. The reviews you receive will be reflected on your TripAdvisor page.

Reviews play a significant role in helping visitors decide on booking with you. And that's why you should consider building your online reputation with the help of reviews vigorously.

Sign up for eZee Absolute PMS to benefit from the TripAdvisor program. You can also know more about the TripAdvisor Review Express here.

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